Our Call to the Presbyterian Church

We call the Church to renew its historic and biblical stance of opposition to the destruction of innocent human life through abortion. We call the Church to renew its commitment to preserve and nurture life at every stage of development, from conception to natural death.

We call the Church to cease its approval of abortion; to withdraw funding of abortion and abortion advocacy; to remove the unlimited coverage of abortion from the Presbyterian Medical Plan; to discontinue participation in and support for the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

We call the Church to support women in problem pregnancies in sacrificially compassionate and loving ways that allow both mother and child to live and be blessed by God. We call the Church to provide tangible help and a community of belonging for women and children in need. We call the Church to support and promote adoption and the many community pregnancy care ministries that provide alternatives to abortion.

We call the Church to hold up high standards of morality for the children in our congregations, and to nurture and support family life.

We call the Church to extend the means of grace to those involved in abortion, to lead them gently to repentance and to aid their full restoration of fellowship with their heavenly Father and with the body of Christ, the Church.

J. Herbert Nelson misses the mark in his critique of Hobby Lobby decision Print E-mail
Written by Marie Bowen   

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badge-washingtonJ. Herbert Nelson is Director of the PCUSA's Office of Public Witness in Washington D.C. It is his job to advocate on behalf of the PCUSA to legislative branches of the U.S. government (as directed by actions of the General Assembly) and also to educate and inform Presbyterians of current legislation and equip the membership of the church for their own advocacy efforts.

His recent statements about the Supreme Court decision in favor of Hobby Lobby were posted recently by the Presbyterian Mission Agency—Office of Public Witness. Nelson's comments are, egregiously, filled with misinformation and hyperbole about both PCUSA policy on contraception and the impact of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) decision on women. His letter reads much like the social media rhetoric of the culture which we, as Christians, are called to stand against. One expects a more measured and informed communication from an office that speaks on behalf of the whole denomination.

PCUSA GA refuses season of prayer and reflection for unwanted children, born and unborn Print E-mail

GA Report by Marie Bowen with material from Rev. David Mauldin, and Patricia Lee June, M.D.Baby at 14 weeks gestation

Commissioners to the 221st PCUSA General Assembly rejected an opportunity spend two years reflecting on “the plight of unwanted children, born and unborn,” by a vote of 465 to 133. The original overture from South Alabama Presbytery with a concurrence from Pittsburgh Presbytery never made it to the plenary floor.

Silence stifles ministry

David Mauldin, GA Commissioner and Overture Advocate introduced the overture as a three part plan “to move our denomination from an uncomfortable silence on abortion to compassionate, grace-filled ministry to women and children.”

Daily Delivery: PPL's PCUSA GA Newsletter Print E-mail

DD 2014 Saturday Jun 14 Page 2Daily Delivery has been a part of the pro-life witness and work at each General Assembly of the PCUSA for more than 20 years. The brightly colored one-page newsletter is handed out to commissioners and guests at the Assembly several times during the course of the week. We thought our readers might enjoy reading some of the articles from this year's Daily Delivery in Detroit (June 14-21, 2014).

Pro-Life Testimony at 221st PCUSA GA Print E-mail

The Presbyterians Pro-Life GA Team volunteers came to Detroit to the 221st General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) at their own expense to speak as a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. Particularly vulnerable are the lives of the unborn and the elderly. At the links below you can read some of the testimonies given by PPL GA team members on Monday, June 16, 2014. Click the read more link to go to an index of testimonies given by PPL GA team members.

PPL Reports from PCUSA GA, Detroit Print E-mail

PPL Video Reports

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