Our Call to the Presbyterian Church

We call the Church to renew its historic and biblical stance of opposition to the destruction of innocent human life through abortion. We call the Church to renew its commitment to preserve and nurture life at every stage of development, from conception to natural death.

We call the Church to cease its approval of abortion; to withdraw funding of abortion and abortion advocacy; to remove the unlimited coverage of abortion from the Presbyterian Medical Plan; to discontinue participation in and support for the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

We call the Church to support women in problem pregnancies in sacrificially compassionate and loving ways that allow both mother and child to live and be blessed by God. We call the Church to provide tangible help and a community of belonging for women and children in need. We call the Church to support and promote adoption and the many community pregnancy care ministries that provide alternatives to abortion.

We call the Church to hold up high standards of morality for the children in our congregations, and to nurture and support family life.

We call the Church to extend the means of grace to those involved in abortion, to lead them gently to repentance and to aid their full restoration of fellowship with their heavenly Father and with the body of Christ, the Church.

Matthew Ward to sing at National Memorial for the Preborn Print E-mail

Matthew WardPriests for Life has just released this exciting news!

Dove Award winner Matthew Ward to sing at Jan. 22 National Prayer Service

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Christian music chart-topper Matthew Ward will sing during the interdenominational National Memorial for the Preborn and Their Mothers and Fathers on Thursday morning, January 22, 2015 at Constitution Hall. [H]is faith-infused music will fill the majestic Constitution Hall as people of all denominations gather on the morning of the March for Life to pray for all children in the womb and their parents.

The service will run from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. ET, leaving plenty of time for attendees to get to the March for Life rally at noon. The morning will begin at 7:30 a.m. with a Catholic Mass.

Dozens of clergy from across the denominational spectrum also will take the stage for the 21st annual National Memorial, which will feature a sermon by Father Frank Pavone, President of the National Pro-Life Religious Council and National Director of Priests for Life. Presbyterian pastors who would like to participate in the service may contact PPL.

Constitution Hall is located at 1776 D St., NW, at 18th Street, in Washington, D.C. No tickets are required and large groups can be accommodated. For more details.

Read the press release.

From the PPL Archives: Thomas Torrance: The unborn human person is at the heart of the Gospel's message Print E-mail

Thomas-Torrance-quoteExcerpted from an article in Presbyterians Pro-Life NEWS, Fall 2000

"He is not far from each one of us, for in him we live and move and have our being."Speaking directly out of the Reformation's echo of this biblical teaching, Thomas Torrance asserts that the teaching applies to the unborn as well as to the born. It is from our very beginning in the womb that God, who is actively at work in our creation, sustains us and makes us open for fellowship with him.

Confessing the Faith Print E-mail
Written by Don Elliott   

John-1-14Excerpted from Presbyterians Pro-Life NEWS, Winter 2002

This time of year offers a unique opportunity for confession of our faith

The Advent season. . . allows the church a unique time to confess the faith and be broadened in that confession.

"For unto us a child is born unto us a son is given."

"The Word became flesh and dwelt among us."

"His name shall be called Jesus for he will save his people from their sins."

"When the fulness of time came, God sent forth his son, born of a woman."

"I believe . . . .in Jesus Christ. . . who was conceived by the Holy Ghost and born of the Virgin Mary.

Let us also remember to confess Jesus: God made embryo among us

I just learned something wonderful about God from my grandsons and Michael Card Print E-mail
Written by Marie Bowen   

© NOBU - Fotolia.comNothing satisfies me at the deepest level of my being like spending time with my grandsons. Grandpa and Grandma spent Thanksgiving weekend with a two-year-old grandson who lives just a few hours from us. He greeted us at the door with a “Well, hello! Come right in!” It was my greatest joy to spend most of our three-day visit on the floor in various kinds of play with him. My delight meter was over the top as he fell into my arms in estatic giggles at something as simple as rolling and chasing balls (several of them at once) across the living room floor.

Have we lost hope in God? Print E-mail
Written by Marie Bowen   

Fotolia 50907112 SWhat do cultural conflicts over abortion and assisted suicide reveal about the state of Christian faith?

On my mind this week has been the overwhelming need for the Church of Jesus to walk out the hope of the Gospel which lives in us! Hope in God is needed precisely in the issues that cause conflict—abortion and assisted suicide are two--where the Christian message of hope in Jesus Christ and the secular value of autonomy collide.

The Good News -- that the Son of God came into our world, entered the womb of Mary, was born, lived a perfect life, taught radical life changing truths, willingly submitted to an excruciating death, and took your sin and mine and our death penalty to give us life—has changed everything on the planet. It is our best, and really only, reason for hope. Without Jesus the nothingness of death is everyone's future. But simply believing in Him nets life forever! Despair during suffering is inevitable unless I believe God is greater than my circumstances and then Love's comfort, Love's hope is more real than the data input of my five senses.

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