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PPL's resources on the available Covid-19 vaccines, including our most recent guidance, published 11.18.2021.  Using a Reformed worldview, this paper covers the basic ethical and theological guidelines surrounding the development, testing and manufacture by pharmaceutical companies, as well as their use - or refusal - by individual Christians.

Sample Exemption Requests

The links below are not intended to be copied verbatim, nor are they offered as legal advice.  They are samples of letters that others have used.  They should not just be copied, but are offered as examples of what others have done.  We have no information on whether or not they were met with success, and make no such warranty.

Sample Letters to Drug Manufacturers

The links below are templates prepared by a physician-board member of PPL.  They are offered as examples you can use to follow or edit in your own words.  These examples were prepared to help laypersons understand the medical issues to be addressed.

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The Charlotte Lozier Institute is a reliable source for comprehensive and current information on developments in the life arena.   Their information on vaccines is regularly updated and can help inform your decisions.

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