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dustin's story

With little supervision, he had easy access to drugs, alcohol, and time alone with girls.

“I was real young when, you know, I began to, you know, engage in all sorts of sexual activity,” said Dustin.  When he was 15, he had found out his girlfriend was pregnant.

Dustin looks back, “I remember just being absolutely terrified. I mean, I was 15 years old and I just got a call from my girlfriend that she was pregnant. And her mom heard it.”

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Healing a Father's Heart, Too often, the focus on the tragedy of abortion ignores another victim: the father. In this insightful Bible study the focal point shifts to the post-abortion father, who may feel the same guilt, shame and grief as the mother. Designed for use in a personal or group setting, Healing a Father's Heart provides comfort and encouragement along the way to freedom from the emotions that impact their relationships with others - and with God. Includes list of post-abortion ministries.

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Suffering Because of an Abortion You Could Not Stop?
Perhaps your girlfriend or wife had an abortion against your will. You may have been powerless to stop her decision and protect your child. Fathers do not have any rights when their partner is making a decision to abort. Rachel's Vineyard will help you to grieve your loss and deal with the powerful feelings of anger and depression you are struggling with. 

Married to a Post Abortive Woman?

If you love a woman who experienced abortion before you met her, you might find your current relationship with her is being impacted by some of her symptoms.

Stuck in a Cycle of Repeating Self Destructive Behaviors?

Learn more here

PPL Blogs on abortion & its effects

What happens week-to-week in the womb?  Check out the Baby Chris Project blog  

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