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Why A
Life Team?

At PPL we believe that a Life Team can help equip your church to address the most urgent social issues of our time. That’s why we help Presbyterian and Reformed churches create Life Teams to help pastors and congregations champion life. With Life Teams, the church can be on the frontline of the “life” issues, all along the spectrum from fertilization to natural death, offering grace, compassion, tangible help, truth and protection.

How do we start?
  • Find a group of like-minded friends excited to commit to beginning a life ministry team in your church

  • Send PPL a message from our Contact Us page with this information and we will be in touch:

    1.   Church denomination, name, address & office phone​

    2.   Pastor's name

    3.   Life Team contact person's name, email & phone number

    4.   See what some other life teams are up to below

    5.   Go to Churches For Life to learn the basics of life ministry leadership

    6.   Check out the free on-line courses from Care Net

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