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Deborah Hollifield

Before coming to PPL, Deborah spent 17 years as an elected Justice of the Peace in Texas before entering seminary, followed by serving congregations in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.  She lives on a farm in North Texas in a house built by her "Gift From God,” (her late husband, Chris), now shared with Lily the Goldendoodle and varying numbers of barn cats.  She loves to garden and is very proud of the ones that survive!  Deborah and Chris are parents to Jake, and Nana and Grandad to Gray Ocean, Valencia Iris and Thea Clementine.  

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Executive Director
Marie Bowen

Marie Bowen joined the Pittsburgh chapter of PPL in 1987, fueled by reading the PCUSA had declared abortion to be "morally acceptable in certain circumstances." She served on General Assembly teams and the PPL Board before accepting the call to be PPL's Executive Director in July 2005. Raised on a dairy farm with 7 siblings and a large extended family, Marie and her husband, Roland, both knew the hurt of observing how family members with special needs were devalued by society. PPL comes from a gospel perspective to challenge the subtle ways cultural views that devalue life have seeped into the Church. 

Marie would love to play Maria in the Sound of Music! Her lifelong passion to sing led to a career as a middle school music teacher. You might spot her reading, gardening, or playing with her three grandsons.

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Administrative Director
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