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August 25-31, 2019 

After God commanded our first ancestors to “be fruitful and multiply,” (Genesis 1:28), it didn’t take long for Adam and Eve to eat forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, followed by their banishment from Eden for their own protection.  In the process, they traded their immortality for mortality and certain death.  From that point on, the human race has been completely dependent on children.  It is children who keep the human race alive in the moment.  Children preserve the humans of the past in their historical memory.  As children learn from the past, they move the world toward the future.  Children are the only reason we are still here at all: “children are the gift of mortality.”  We have always been dependent on the ones who are most dependent on us.


As humans took hold of what we today call “reproductive rights,” they unleashed a flurry of unintended – and still evolving - quandaries:  Who will have the power and permission to procreate? Are children burdens or blessings? Will they be cherished or abandoned? Adopted or orphaned? Are women to be protected or dominated? What defines a man or a woman? By and large, our answers to these questions have only created more difficulties and more victims.  


But God is a God of compassion and mercy: God sees them all, God remembers them all, and when God remembers, God acts.  In the fullness of time, God acted by giving us the gift of the Promised Child:  the One who allows humans the chance to trade our mortality for immortality once again; the One who brings order to the chaos we’ve created; the Child who welcomes His children with open arms.  The Child who is the only reason we are still here at all

– Rev. Deborah Hollifield
Executive Director

"She gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her:
'You are the God who sees me...' " Genesis 16:13