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Meet Carla van Eyk, PPL's Newly Appointed Executive Director

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

The Board of Directors of Presbyterians Protecting Life is thrilled to announce that on August 23rd, 2023 we unanimously approved the hiring of Carla van Eyk, BSN, RN as Executive Director with thanksgiving to God for leading us to her after an extensive search. Carla will assume her position on September 1st, 2023.

Carla shares the Board’s sense of God’s leading in bringing her to PPL. In her own words:

“I have been seeking the Lord’s direction for where to devote my service to issues which I have cared about for many years. Ever since I had a college roommate who had an unexpected pregnancy and I sought to dissuade her from the abortion, I have felt burdened to answer this hurting world with the hope-filled vision of Christ.”

The desire to do something to bring the hope of Christ to those hurting in the realm of life issues that was birthed in Carla during her college years has come to fruition throughout her life. It is easy to see God has equipped her in unique ways that fit perfectly with the mission of PPL. She became a trained counselor during the founding years of Central Indiana Crisis Pregnancy Centers (Life Centers). Her conviction for chastity before marriage led her to train for teaching “Creating Positive Relationships” as an alternative to offer schools in her community. Carla also served as the health representative for her late mother when she became afflicted with meningitis-encephalitis and faced brain recovery over many months. That experience has led her to continue to advocate wholeheartedly for older adults and those with special needs. In addition, she has been equipped for abortion recovery ministry and suicide awareness. A very personal loss occurred for Carla’s family when a granddaughter, “Baby Tess” was diagnosed at 20 wks in utero with anencephaly. Though doctors advised abortion she was lovingly carried to term by Carla’s married daughter and surrounded in prayer. Though Baby Tess was stillborn, the whole family valued her life, in all stages of development. Because of this loss Carla has a great compassion for women and families experiencing miscarriage, and stillbirth, or any loss of a child.

Carla has been married to Hans for 38 years. She and Hans are parents of three adult children and have 7 grandchildren (two of whom are in heaven). Carla is an active member of Christ Community Church of Carmel, Indiana (PCA). She hopes to provide encouragement and education management for churches and their leaders by building the network of PPL life teams. Drawing on her advocacy as a Public Health Nurse and an AP Anatomy/Physiology lecturer including topics on bioethics, abortion, and her role in diligently managing three children in home school through high school graduation, Carla is eager to begin equipping Presbyterians to become champions of human life at every stage!

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