This “reminder” mischaracterizes the PC(USA)’s current position on the issues tangential to abortion and also misrepresents the authority of the Stated Clerk to speak on behalf of all who claim a Presbyterian identity.  The comments of the Stated Clerk of the PC(USA) do not represent the thousands of pro-life minded members of the PC(USA), nor do they represent the views of the ARPC, BPC, Cumberland, ECO, OPC, PCA, RPCNA, or other Presbyterian denominations.




February 14, 2019

These exponential expansions of abortion have not only taken the lives of 61,000,000 unborn human persons, they have set the rights of women and children backwards to a point nearly parallel with ancient pagan cultures.

Every child conceived – whether inside or outside of a marriage, wanted or unwanted, or even through rape or incest - is an unspoiled image-bearer of God, the Imago Dei : Unlike any other person ever conceived; a potential Christ-follower; a person with unique gifts . . .

We call on pastors and congregations to engage in ministries to the preborn, including parental catechism, pastoral care for expectant families, perinatal hospice, pastoral care after miscarriage, child death and, yes— even abortion - as well as adoption support and assistance



PPL Executive Director Deborah Hollifield attended the 47th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America, held June 25-28, 2019 at the Hilton Antatole Hotel in Dallas, Texas.  

She was present in our PPL resources exhibit throughout the week, and on Tuesday conducted a luncheon seminar for a group of 30 on the topic "Speak words of Life."  The seminar focused on the pro-life positions of the church from its earliest days, as evidenced by ancient documents (for example, the Didache), and in the writings of theologians from the time of the early church fathers through the 20th century.   Following the presentation, a number of seminar participants shared their experiences and ministries in the pro-ife arena.  


Daily conversations were held with GA attendees, many of whom offered personal testimonies of the ways they had been challenged by life issues, and God's faithfulness throughout.

We are excited about our growing relationship with the Presbyterian Church in America and look forward to next year's GA June 16-19 in Birmingham, AL.  


Please call or e-mail us if your congregation would like a PPL visitor, whether as a featured representative for a life event or as one of many invited participants at a mission fair.  PPL exists, in part, for these very types of equipping ministries.



PPL was pleased to join in attending the 39th General Assembly of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church held June 18-21, 2019 at Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church in Denver, Colorado.  Although space considerations did not allow for a formal exhibit, PPL Executive Director Deborah Hollifield, PPL Board Members Rev. Scott Wiest and Rev. Ryan Mowen were present throughout the week for conversation with commissioners and other attendees.  The members and staff at Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church extended warm  hospitality and provided a great experience and wonderful meals throughout the week. 

Deborah Hollifield presented a luncheon seminar for a group of 20 on the topic "Speak Words of Life," encouraging the church to reclaim its historical voice for advocating for the unborn.   After the formal presentation, participants engaged in a lively discussion of how their congregations might respond to life issues in their local context.

PPL is looking forward to participating in the 40th General Asembly at Hope Presbyterian Church in Cordova, TN June 23-26, 2020!

Please call or e-mail us if your congregation would like a PPL visitor, whether as a featured representative for a life event or as one of many invited participants at a mission fair.  PPL exists, in part, for these very types of equipping ministries.



PPL spent an evening in May with a suburban Pittsburgh congregation, describing the history of the PCUSA General Assembly positions on abortion and offering avenues for Presbyterians to get further engaged in the age-old Christian mission of "championing life at every stage."

PPL Executive Director Deborah Hollifield and Adminstrative Director Marie Bowen took turns at Glade Run Presbyterian Church's sanctuary microphone, thanking the gathering for their interest and commitment to life and outlining the gradual shifts that have taken place over several decades of PCUSA ministry.  In an extended question-and-answer segment the audience expressed curiosity about means and methods for establishing a culture of life - and even starting Life Teams - among members of a local church congregation. 

Rev. Craig Kephart, from PPL's Board of Directors, joined the featured guests in answering inquiries and helping participants browse and select helpful materials from the PPL Resource Table.

Please call or e-mail us if your congregation would like a PPL visitor, whether as a featured representative for a life event or as one of many invited participants at a mission fair.  PPL exists, in part, for these very types of equipping ministries.


PPL Executive Director Deborah Hollifield enjoyed making new friends and reconnecting with supporters at the 2019 Fellowship Gathering at First Presbyterian-Tulsa in February!  FPC's hospitality was above-and-beyond, with plenty of volunteers, great meals and a wonderful site. 


Our exhibit had a steady stream of visitors, many of whom offered meaningful conversation and insights into their personal struggles and experiences with matters of life and death, along with testimonies of God's gracious intervention and redemption.  PPL looks forward to a long-lasting relationship with the Fellowship as we work to champion life together.   


Executive Director Deborah Hollifield was PPL’s representative at the 2019 Evangelical Covernant Order of Presbyterians National Gathering January 29-31 in Colorado Springs, CO.  Many thanks go out to  the staff and volunteers at First Presbyterian Church for their hospitality and their above-and-beyond help while we were there! 


It was a productive time of establishing new relationships and renewing old friendships.  Many in attendance expressed their concern and a renewed sense of urgency over recent legislation in New York and Virginia extending abortion rights through and post-birth, to include infanticide. 


Others also expressed recognition that these developments will doubtless be linked to similar efforts to expanded access to assisted suicide and euthanasia.  We were excited to see a growing interest in options for congregational activities to help make meaningful inroads towards equipping parishioners to impact their families and communities for life!

We're looking forward to another productive time together at the 2020 ECO National Gathering in Grapevine, Texas February 4-6 at the Gaylord Texan Resort and Conference Center near Dallas.

Free bulletin insert for Life Sunday

Educate and encourage your congregation to "speak life into your neighbor's circumstances--because every life is worth the price Jesus paid." Download PPL's 2019 bulletin insert and print copies locally or contact the PPL office to have copies sent to you.


Meet PPL's new Executive Director at National Gatherings

Deborah Hollifield will be at the Fellowship Community Gathering, February 19-21 at First Presbyterian Church in Tulsa, OK. Chat with her at the PPL Exhibit Table!

From the President: May 2019 be the Year of the Unborn Child

 Happy New Year from Presbyterians Protecting Life (PPL)!  Our mission in 2019 is to equip Presbyterians to champion human life at every stage. Can we count on you to be a champion for life in 2019?  If so, you need to be confident that an unborn child is a person worthy of our respect and protection.

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