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Thanks, ECO!

Updated: Jan 26

by PPL Former Executive Director, Deborah Hollifield

PPL accepted an invitation to exhibit again at the 2022 National Gathering of the Evangelical Covenant Order of Presbyterians at Highland Park Presbyterian Church in Dallas, TX. Last week, PPL Executive Director Rev. Deborah Hollifield, Board Member Rev. Ellen Campbell-Gardner and First – Greenville, SC Light and Life Ministry leader Stephanie Johnson held nearly non-stop conversation with denominational leaders, pastors and elder commissioners attending the event. We also got a helpful boost from some HPPC members, especially the great hospitality of Janie McKay, (a long-time friend of PPL and one of the original founders of the HPPC chapter), who opened her home to Deborah and Ellen and her husband, (the Rev. Ernest Gardner), so we didn’t have to incur the expense of a hotel. We had a great location among the main floor exhibitors and were greeted with a lot of enthusiasm. It’s clear that the possibility of returning the abortion debate to the states has ignited a lot of interest in how local churches could prepare to respond by stepping up to a greater prolife commitment in response to the real material needs of expectant mothers and their children.

The ECO event also served as the kick-off for our new “Baby Steps” fundraising campaign – be sure to click on the link in the article below – to help PPL raise the necessary funds to publish our most popular resource, “Pregnant With Promise” by Marie Bowen.

We look forward to partnering with more ECO congregations in the future, encouraging them to explore our resources on the PPL website, using our worship slides, arranging for a PPL representative to visit their congregation, sharing our Life Support prayer letter with your prayer ministers, and helping brainstorm the ways your church can become prolife in new ways!

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Aug 15, 2022

We are so saddened by our church's non-stance on abortion. How we wish there was an ECO church near us! Keep praying!!

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