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The value and dignity of human life

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

The Christian values life differently because we know the Author of Life--God the creator of us! The Bible teaches (Genesis 1:26-67) that God created human beings, you, in his own image. God's image stamp is stamped on you and that gives you value. In the Book of Psalms, David wrote that God saw him when he was being made in secret (Psalm 139). You could say, 'in utero'. David states that he was "intricately woven" by God and that God knew everything about him and his future when he was an "unformed substance." We all get pretty messed up as we go through life, but God doesn't abandon us. In fact, he loves you and me so much, He sent his Son, Jesus to live among us (John 3:16). Jesus lived as a single cell fertilized by the Holy Spirit that became an embryo in the womb of Mary. He was born in a bloody, painful human birth. He grew up in a poor family and was trained to be a carpenter by his adoptive father, Joseph. He died the torturous, humiliating death of a Roman crucifixion. But, being God, he came back from death after three days and bought back life for you from fertilization to natural death.

Your value is not in what you do, your job, your status, or your strength.

Your dignity is not in your education, or awards, or fame, or position.

Your worth is not in what you own, or the gifts and skills God has given to you.

You are not precious because of your beauty or athleticism or talent or personality.

Your worth comes from being God's creation and his image bearer. His stamp is on you, he has claimed you as his own, adopted, bought, and rescued you. He wants to be in relationship with you and give you Life!

Made by God to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever. (Image Copyright Jozef Polc)

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