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Open Letter in Response to the PC(USA)'s HSB-11 Regarding Abortion

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

The following introduction and link have been prepared and submitted to PPL by the Rev. Marianne Grano, a Teaching Elder within the PC(USA), who has asked that we share it, with the encouragement to other PC(USA) members to make their voices heard. When you click on the link below, you will have the opportunity to include your name, or the name of your congregation, for submission to the Stated Clerk.

"The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) issued a statement on July 8, 2022 "denounc[ing] attempts to prevent people from receiving essential health care and reject[ing] attempts at all levels of government to reduce, limit or eliminate access to contraceptive and abortion care." Reversing the church's prior position, which denounced abortion used for birth control, the statement's rationale implied that any other position on the abortion issue would be itself wrong, sinful, or un-Presbyterian. We faithful Presbyterians who are pro-life need to speak up. There are many of us, both in the pews and in the pulpit, who believe life begins at fertilization and believe in protecting that life. We have allowed one voice to speak for Presbyterians; will we remain silent? Please read this letter to Stated Clerk J. Herbert Nelson, the Assembly Committee on Health, Safety and Benefits, the Board of Pensions, the Office of Theology and Worship, and all members of the PC(USA) and consider adding your voice to those who will boldly "speak the truth in love" to our church about God's love for all life, born and unborn alike."

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