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Moses is a good model for a life team leader!

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Moses led a million people out of slavery to a land of promise. Okay, so it didn't happen fast and it certainly wasn't easy--40 years in the desert, plagues, drought, and challenges to his leadership were just a few of the problems he faced. Scripture records his journey and the ups and downs of leading the Hebrew people. We can learn a lot from Moses.

Moses made his relationship with God a priority. God met with Moses face to face and let himself be known to Moses. God's character became a model showing Moses how to lead. God described himself as: slow to anger, merciful, steadfast in love, righteous, forgiving, and he showed himself to be just in following through with consequences when the people disobeyed.

Moses relied on God to provide what he needed.

God came through by giving Moses vision and instruction, warnings and laws, and setting principles of priority (like God first and rest on the 7th day). God showed Moses how to grow a climate of generosity in the people by asking for very specific needs and yet without greed, stopping contributions when there was enough. God brought gifted people to leadership under Moses: artists and craftsmen, gifted by God with skill whose hearts were stirred to come to do the work. God provided more than enough.

Moses commitment was for the long-term.

He stayed with the people until the day of his death, He gave one final speech to remind them of God's presence and protection throughout their 40 year journey and to instruct them to move with courage into the land God had promised. It's important when leading a life team to take a long view. Building a life ministry can be a slow process. If you find yourself impatient take a lesson from another Bible account. Solomon took 13 years to build his house. He took care to lay a foundation that would last using precious stones. He chose cedar framing so the house would last. I hope that if you sense God is calling you to start a life ministry in your church that you will take courage, lay a foundation with prayer and then lean into the great adventure knowing God is right there with you and so is PPL.

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