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“Embryo Adoption? I’ve never heard of that before!”

By Kimberly Tyson

Most people haven’t heard of embryo adoption before – even people who are struggling to find a solution to their infertility diagnosis. Embryo adoption is a fantastic option available to families who cannot conceive naturally, but strongly desire to become pregnant and give birth. Embryo adoption allows you to give birth to your adopted child!

Embryo adoption was first established 23 years ago by Nightlight Christian Adoptions. Their program called Snowflakes® allows parents with embryos remaining in frozen storage to select the family who will receive their embryo gift. Snowflakes uses the best practices of adoption to the benefit of the placing family, adopting family and most important the child.

The families will mutually agree upon the match and after the legal paper work is complete the adopting family will schedule a frozen embryo transfer procedure with their doctor. If the transfer is successful, the adopting family will welcome their long-awaited bundle of joy in nine short months.

There are many benefits to being able to carry your adopted child:

  • You don’t need to go through the pain and expense of in vitro fertilization – why create more embryos when there are embryos waiting to be born?

  • You’ll be in control of their prenatal environment. Giving your adopted child the best possible start to life, you can control their environment through proper nutrition, exercise, and a wonderful pregnancy experience.

  • It gives mom and baby lots of time to bond. Feeling your child move inside you, those first, fluttering kicks, and carrying them for nine months gives you time to get to know each other and start the parent-child bonding; mom, dad and baby.

  • Time to prepare for parenthood. The nine months of pregnancy give you time to plan, dream, and prepare for your new role as a parent. Traditional domestic adoption, on the other hand, can happen virtually overnight.

  • The adoption is secure: In the U.S. the woman who gives birth to the child is legally the child’s mother and the man to whom she is married is the child’s legal father on the birth certificate.

Click here to see a visual representation of the embryo adoption process. We also created a special edition of our Pathway2Family magazine with the particulars of embryo adoption through Snowflakes.

Embryo adoption may be the right path for you. Learn more at or contact our team at 970-663-6799 |

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