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Compelled by the Gospel, PPL equips Presbyterians to champion human life at every stage.

Note: Inclusion on this list does not imply PPL’s endorsement of the particular views and policies of each individual organization.

Well known adoption advocacy organization; publishes many materials, including the Adoption Factbook. Highly recommended monthly newsletter, National Adoption Reports. 

Support and Advocacy organization for adoptive families. Publishes Adoptive Families magazine bi-monthly. 

Largest placement agency in US; over 75 Offices nationally/internationally. Domestic and international adoptions. 

Works in US and internationally; some special needs and waiting children. 

Large Christian international agency; publishes HI Families Magazine, Midwest and NJ offices. 

Publishes the CAP Book, a photo listing of waiting US children; online with Faces of Adoption. 

National listings of agencies and adoption exchanges; resource for special needs and older kids. 

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