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Booklets & Study Materials

Video Tapes - Loan

___ Request information on Speakers Bureau
PPL has associates who are able to speak to issues of life, sexuality, family, adoption, abortion recovery ministry, and church governance from a Reformed perspective.

___ Request information on Leadership training
PPL associates are available for local chapter and church group training in using church government to bring change, on implementing ministry initiatives, and on adoption. Leadership training is also a primary focus of PPL orientation meetings at General Assembly.

Confidential Referral
If you, or someone you know, is in a crisis pregnancy or post-abortion crisis situation, we will help locate appropriate Christian help. Contact our office.

Adoption Resources
Materials and workshop training are available to help churches understand the biblical underpinnings of adoption, and integrate it into their ministries.

Newsletter and Church Resources

____Newsletter: Presbyterians Pro-Life NEWS - Provides Christian teaching on abortion and other issues of life and morality as well as up-to-date news and perspective on what is happening in our denomination on those issues. Subscription is free. Click for articles from previous issues.

____Curriculum: "Created, Loved & Called: Looking at the issues of life from the perspective of Christian Faith"- Six-to-twleve week study for college age and up. Includes transcript, discussion questions, and supplementary sessions, and format of your choice: VHS (suggested contribution $59) or DVD (suggested contribution $25).

Church Packets
____ Pure Hearts! Pure Lives! resource packet to assist churches in leading youth to decision of sexual purity.
Discovering Grace: Opportunities for congregations to minister to women and men affected by abortion decisions -- (suggested contribution $9.00)
God Gives Us Life Through Adoption! packet to assist churches in supporting the life-giving decision of adoption.
Adoption Bulletin Inserts - set of four masters ready for duplication
____ Adoption packet including one each: Adoption: Five Myths and Realities; Interracial Families; Adoption Language; The Church and Adoption; Preparation for Adoption; Consider Your Call.
Sanctity of Human Life Sunday packet -- includes bulletin insert master plus additional resources

Pamphlets and Essays
(Suggested contribution for quantities, .05 each unless noted otherwise)

____Sample Packet
____PPL's Position Statements on
Abortion, Sexuality, and Euthanasia
____"Presbyterians Pro-Life:
A Voice for Renewal in the Presbyterian Church USA" (an introduction to PPL)
____"Presbyterians and Abortion: A Look at Our Church's Past"
____"Presbyterians and Abortion: What Does the Bible Say?"
____"Presbyterians and Abortion: Historical Christian Perspectives"

____"Abortion and the Medical Benefits Plan of the PC(USA)" (2002) -
(Relief of Conscience Plan; suggested donation .50)
LIFE SUPPORT prayer ministry pamphlet with commitment form
____How to start a
local chapter of PPL. (We have materials and staff to help you establish and develop a chapter if none is close to you. Ask us about a chapter in your area).
____How your church can become a Resource Center for Alternatives to Abortion. (We offer help to churches in establishing crisis pregnancy ministries within their congregations, and creating presbytery-wide directories of alternatives to abortion services).
Pregnant? We'll Help!" booklet (For churches to have available for women in need.)
____"Ten Suggestions on How to Get Involved"

"Common Ground" essay series:
____Common Ground #2: "The population problem"
____Common Ground #3: "Fetal pain"
____Common Ground #4: "Abortion as an act of love in extraordinary cases: Killing them softly"
____Common Ground #5: "Is it possible to be both pro-life and pro-choice?"
____Common Ground #6: "There are not five possibilities for when a human life begins"
____Common Ground #7: "When is it right to leave the church?"
____Common Ground #8: "Fetal tissue harvesting: Shall we do evil that good may come of it?"

PPL Videotapes
(Suggested contribution, $15 unless noted otherwise)

____Mother Teresa's address at the 1988 General Assembly
____Richard John Neuhaus' address at the 1989 General Assembly
____Terry Schlossberg's address at the 1990 General Assembly, "Our Hope for Healing a Divided Church"
____John Cardinal O'Connor's address at the 1991 General Assembly
____Dr. Elizabeth Achtemeier's address at the 1993 General Assembly
____Dr. Elizabeth Achtemeier's address at the 1994 General Assembly, "Redefining the Debate about Abortion"
____Susan Cyre's address at the 1994 General Assembly, "God: Imagined or Revealed?"
____Dr. Thomas A. Miller's address at the 1994 General Assembly, "The Development of the Unborn Child and Late Term Abortion"
____Dr. Thomas A. Miller's address at the 1995 General Assembly, "When Human Life Begins: Is a Precise Definition Possible?"
____Dr. Howard Edington & Whitney Goin's address at the 1997 General Assembly, "Unto the Least of These"

____The Rev. Dean Turbeville, "Pastoral Ministry to Those Affected by Abortion" (1997 - see companion booklet below)
____John Eldredge as William Wilberforce, presentation at the 1998 General Assembly
____William H. Willimon's address at the 1999 General Assembly, Ft. Worth, TX
____Rev. Gerrit Dawson's 2000 GA presentation of Thomas Torrence's "The Gospel and the Unborn Child"
____Dr. Nigel Cameron's presentation, "Some Prior Questions," at the 2001 PPL GA dinner
____Dr. Jean Wright's 2002 GA presentation on fetal pain and late term abortion
____Frederica Mathewes-Green and Tara Winter 2004 GA presentation (suggested contribution $20)

(Suggested contribution follows title and author.)

___Not My Own: Abortion and the Marks of the Church, by Terry Schlossberg and Elizabeth Achtemeier ($10.00)
____The Christian's Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth, by John Jefferson Davis
(complimentary, while supplies last)
____The Unaborted Socrates, by Peter Kreeft ($5.00)
____Abortion Questions and Answers, by Jack Willke ($3.50)


____Precious Feet Lapel Pin--Identical in size and shape to the feet of an unborn baby 10 weeks after conception. (Suggested contribution, $2.00--please specify gold or silver finish.)

Booklets and Study Materials
(Suggested contribution, .50 each unless noted otherwise)

____A resource packet containing critiques of the current position of the PC(USA) on problem pregnancies and abortion (1992), and resource materials including the minority report from the special study committee. (Suggested contribution, $5)
A Pediatrician Looks at Babies Late in Pregnancy, Viability, and Late Term Abortion" by Patricia Lee June, MD (2001) (suggested contribution, $2)
The Being and Nature of the Unborn Child" by Thomas F. Torrence
____"A Firm Foundation: Christian Theology and Abortion" Using a classically reformed view of Scripture, PPL shows how Christian faith relates to issues of life and death.
Life: A Biblical Perspective" A Bible study booklet in which questions regarding human life are examined in the light of the Scriptures.
____"Abortion Is a Challenge to Christian Orthodoxy" Address by PPL Executive Director, Mrs. Terry Schlossberg, to the task force on Problem Pregnancies and Abortion (1991)
____"Abortion: Christian Doctrine and Public Policy" Rev. Richard John Neuhaus
____Transcript of Wilson v. Presbytery of Donegal, Synod trial on the church's medical benefits plan and abortion (1992)
____"Pastor to Pastor: The Pastoral Counseling of Those Involved With Abortion" - written by a pastor to provide guidance in counseling.
____Pastoral Letter on Abortion. An example of one session's commitment to guiding its congregation on this issue.
____"Partakers of the Grace: Biblical Foundations for Adoption" A well-reasoned and valuable resource for churches and individuals.
____"A Declaration for Faith and Life" Study guide and workbook. Produced by the Presbyterian Coalition, these study materials are based on "A Declaration for Faith and Life," a statement which applies Christian faith to sexuality. Intended to bring balance to the study process going on in many churches and presbyteries, this set uses the authoritative documents of reformed faith for instruction in these matters.
(Suggested contribution, $2.00 each)

A Partial Listing of Videotapes for short-term loan only

____"You are a Masterpiece" video on fetal development designed for children
____"Who Broke the Baby?" Examines the language which obscures the real issues in the abortion debate. Narrated by a teenage girl; portrays real life situations (29 min).
____"Abortion: A Rational Look at an Emotional Issue" A series by R. C. Sproul.
____"A Window to the Womb" Featuring Shari Richards, ultrasound to show pre-natal development.
____"The Miracle of Life" Lennart Nilsson photography of human conception; NOVA, Emmy award winner (60 min)
____"The Least of These" Three segments, produced by Curt Young.
____"The Silent Scream" By Bernard Nathanson
____"The Eclipse of Reason" By Bernard Nathanson
____"A Question of Worth" Church involvement in crisis pregnancy centers.
____"Bearing Burdens" By Lutherans for Life. (euthanasia)
____"Aid in Dying: The Right to Die or the Right to Kill" (60 min) from the International Anti-Euthanasia Task Force

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