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Posted June 2, 2001

PPL releases adult curriculum on life issues:

Created, Loved, & Called
Looking at the issues of life
from the perspective of Christian faith

Responding to frequent calls for a scripturally-based study of the issues surrounding abortion, Presbyterians Pro-Life announces the release of a video series called, "Created, Loved, and Called."

The series is designed to teach the value God places on innocent human life at every stage of development, but with special emphasis on unborn life. It is suitable for use in Sunday morning adult education programs, as a special 6 to 12 week seminar series, for small group discussions in homes, or for a retreat setting.

There is no depiction or description of abortion in this series. Nothing is objectionable for viewing or hearing by children. However, the series is designed with adults in mind.

"Created, Loved, and Called" is based on the reformed conviction that faith and practice are and ought to be related. All our lives long we are developing our view of the world, often unconsciously. Christians, like everybody else, are immersed in messages from a wide variety of sources, and often adopt uncritically beliefs and practices from the world around us. This series is intended to help bring some of our beliefs up to the surface so that we can examine them in the light of Scripture.

The series begins with an exploration of how individuals go about developing a worldview that is consciously shaped by Scripture. The second session addresses Scripture as our authority and the historic approach to discovering Scripture's meaning and then applying it to the moral issues of modern life. Sessions three and four explore the questions of God's view of meaning of human person and the value of the unborn human person. In session five, statements in support of abortion are explored and responded to. The sixth video features testimonies from three Presbyterian women about their pregnancy situations and the decisions they made.

Each session has accompanying written material which includes discussion questions and a complete format for an additional session on that topic. The curriculum is expandable from six to as many as twelve hour-long sessions. The session titles are:

  1. Believing, Seeing and Doing
  2. Seeing through the Spectacles of Scripture
  3. What is Human?
  4. The Unborn
  5. But What About...?
  6. Three Women's Stories

The complete set is available from PPL in VHS (suggested contribution $59) or DVD (suggested contribution $25).

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