Dark Side of Christmas Narrative Reverberates in Roe v. Wade Print
Written by Tadashi Agari   

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Today is the first day of December, and we are heading into the Christmas season culminating in the celebration of the birth of Christ. Luke 2 is often read concerning the Christmas narrative. There is a darker side to this story that is often overlooked.

The Wise Men came from the East to worship the Christ Child. King Herod asked these Wise Men to notify him when they found the Promised Child. The Wise Men found the Messiah and worshiped then left the land through another route. When King Herod found out that he was tricked, He became enraged and ordered the slaying of all male children two years and under. Herod the king is paralleled in our time by the abortionist. Many innocent children were killed because of him. Many innocent pre born children are killed by abortion today.

Herod did not want to have anything to do with The First Noel in contrast to the Wise Men who sought Him. In the same way, the woman who aborts the child God has created in her womb rejects the life of her child. God was calling the Wise Men from the East, and they responded to His call. In Southern Baptist terminology, the Wise Men responded to the "Altar Call" that lasted about 3 months by going "forward." In this case they went sideways (from east to west).

This narrative is the dark side of the Christmas story, but none-the-less still part of the story. Herod issued his decree of infanticide as an executive order. This season let us remember the plight of the unborn as a result of the court decree known as ‘Roe v Wade'.