Medical Directives can reflect faith in Christ Print E-mail

POAHC-PALife is unpredictable and Scripture teaches us that there is a time appointed time for each of us to die. None of us knows when that time will come. When disease or accident threaten life, families can be thrown into the emotion and stress of making life and death decisions without warning. As Christians who are 'pro-life' we are wise to provide directives for our families and doctors that honor God's ownership of our lives and give witness to our trust in His provision for us even beyond death. The principles that guide us are that we will neither hasten death or prolong life by burdensome treatments when there is no hope of recover. Always we will provide care, comfort and nutrition.

Perinatal Hospice aids parents in honoring life for as much time as God gives Print E-mail

Fotolia 83878540 XSA recent article posted online at The Times Irish News described a tragic pregnancy. At twenty weeks gestation the mother received the news that her baby was dying of a chromosomal disorder. She described the period of waiting until the heartbeat stopped as "five weeks of torture". The author of the article clearly meant to use the mother's story as indication that Ireland needs to change it's restrictive abortion law to allow abortion in such cases.

Q. Are the pro life laws of Ireland responsible for this woman's experience with her pregnancy?

End of Life Care: Palliative or Hospice? Print E-mail

Landscape from Graphic StockBoth Palliative Care and Hospice Care use a team approach between the patient, his/her physician, primary caregiver, and Hospice team. The decisions of the individual must be followed. For this reason it is important to articulate your wishes in the form of an Advance Directive, Living Will, or Durable Power of Attorney.

A word from PPL about the Colorado Springs shooting Print E-mail

PPL Logo cymk hqvertPresbyterians Pro-Life deplores the violent crime outside the Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, CO that left three people dead and nine injured on November 27, 2015. We grieve with and pray for the families of those who have died. PPL denounces violence against all innocents or as a means of protest.

PPL exists to educate, promote thoughtful and theological discussion of life issues, and affirm life at all stages from conception to natural death. For our part we seek always to provide a peaceful and loving response to abortion, caring for both woman and child, and holding truth and love together with grace.

Hope makes all the difference Print E-mail
Written by Marie Bowen   

DSC 3253-360webDr. Peter Rasmussen, a physician and advocate for "physician aid in dying,'" chose to end his life on Tuesday, Nov 3rd, "on his own terms". Rasmussen was diagnosed with a deadly brain tumor, grade 4 glioblastoma. How incredibly sad that he cut short God's activity in his own life. The article makes no mention of Rasmussen's faith or of any hope of life beyond this earth.

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