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Written by Marie Bowen   

"I will honor the sanctity of human life above the claims of human freedom”

From the first strains of opening worship, life was a part of the conversation at the Fellowship of Presbyterians Gathering of 2,000+ Presbyterians in Orlando, Fl, January 18-20. Vitality of spiritual life was evident in the worship services. The text of the covenant that members are asked to sign includes a clear expression of the value of human life—a stark contrast to policies of the PCUSA. “People, people are irreplaceable in the eyes of God,” said Hope Italiano Lee in the opening worship.

ASK AUGUSTINE: What do you think a Christian’s position should be on abortion? Print E-mail
Written by Paul A Tambrino, Ed. D, Ph.D   

The principle of the sanctity of life is clearly established in Genesis 9:5-6 and in the Ten Commandments. The Bible clearly states life comes from God and we are answerable to Him for what we do with our own and other people’s lives; thus every taking of life requires justification to God.

Abortion was common in the ancient world with its earliest known written reference from the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung around 2700 B.C. Plato wrote in his “Republic” that ill-conceived embryos should not be brought to birth and Aristotle said that deformed children should be left to die.

A Modern Christmas Story Print E-mail
Written by Marie Bowen   

Fotolia_7070333_XSA cell phone, a facebook post, technology is helping Presbyterians Pro-Life mobilize ministry to women and babies.

It came, not "upon a midnight clear" but it was the early dark of winter and I was anxious to be on my way home. It was not "that glorious song of old" but the ringing of the telephone that changed my plans. I'd like to think there were "angels bending near the earth" and "goodwill to men" (or in this case a woman and a baby) that played out across 2,400 miles. It was one of those wholly undeserved, yet holy moments when you find yourself smack dab in the middle of what God is doing in someone's life.

Come, Lord Jesus, Come! Print E-mail

Star_Messiah_John_StuartThis Advent season finds me weary and oh, so in need of a Savior! It has been a year of pouring out and I am empty and filled with longing...just the right position to be in to receive and welcome the coming Savior.

No one expected the Messiah would come as a baby. They were looking for a King. They expected a leader who would overthrow the rule of Rome and bring peace and prosperity. Yet, He came, not in power, not with an army, but quietly, unseen, hidden in the womb of a peasant girl named Mary.

Why did he do that—humble himself, come unseen?

Presbytery asks GA to protect Presbyterians “from the sin of complicity in the taking of human life...” Print E-mail

After a 9 month process, on November 8, 2011, The Washington Presbytery approved 43-9 an overture to the 220th GA directing the Board of Pensions to provide a medical benefits plan which will not pay for abortions except to save the physical life of the mother.

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