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Last week U.S. House of Representatives minority leader, Nancy Pelosi, D-California, a Roman Catholic said, "I do my religion on Sundays in church" and went on to say that those in the church who oppose President Obama's mandate on contraception are not speaking ex cathedra for the Catholic Church. A few years ago Pelosi (regarding the issue of when life begins) said "over the centuries, the Doctors (those theologians who established the doctrines) of the church have not been able to make that definition." She added that St. Augustine said, "at three months" and that "it's only been about 50 years that the church has understood life to begin at conception" Is she correct?

Regardless of one's political opinion about Nancy Pelosi, her few words (and I would note that neither does she speak ex cathedra, that is to speak with full authority of the office) about the Church and Christianity could not have contained more falsehoods. One can only wonder what she does the other six days of the week or when she is not in church.

To say "I DO my religion" shows an entire lack of knowledge about the foundation of Christianity and the Catholic Church. Christ did it ALL because we could not do it. 

Abortion advocacy will be a topic at GA Print E-mail

Two pieces of business calling the church to advocate for unlimited access and funding for abortion services are coming to the 220th General Assembly of the PC(USA) to be held in Pittsburgh, PA, June 30-July 7. Item 21-03 from Albany Presbytery asks the General Assembly:

[T]o protect all women’s access to comprehensive health care, including access to health services that enable responsible family planning and honor the exercise of individual conscience.

EPC Congregation hears PPL vision Print E-mail

Shiloh Presbyterian Church in St. Mary’s, PA hosted a Sunday evening community worship service last month with an emphasis on the value bestowed by God on human life. PPL’s Executive Director, Marie Bowen shared with the ecumenical crowd PPL’s vision to equip churches in the broader Presbyterian and Reformed Community until Every Church, Everywhere, Cherishes Every Life. Catholics, Baptists, and Presbyterians who attended the meeting and who have long been involved in praying and working politically to end abortion in our nation were thrilled to hear fresh ideas for congregational ministry to women who are pregnant and to those who have experienced abortion and suffer silently in our pews.

Auburn Seminary honors two women from Planned Parenthood Print E-mail

Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) and Cecilia Guthrie Boone, Chair of the PPFA Board, were among four honorees at Auburn Seminary’s 16th Annual Lives of Commitment Benefit Breakfast held May 2nd. The purpose of the event is to "honorwomen who bridge religious divides, build community, and pursue justice" according to the invitation posted on Auburn’s website ( Clearly they do not mean justice for lives in the womb. Planned Parenthood is the biggest abortion provider in the United States, aborting 300,000 innocent babies each year.

Original Christian Voices Against Euthanasia Print E-mail
Written by David W.T. Brattston   

The Problemempty cross

According to its advocates, euthanasia is morally neutral or even a positive good within the framework of ethics, including Christian ethics. But is euthanasia really moral? It certainly is not when inflicted by Christians.

Euthanasia Described 

Euthanasia is the deliberate hastening of death to spare the patient a period of suffering or incapacity. The usual cases for which euthanasia is advocated are persons with an incurable disease or permanent coma, but secondary uses include sparing the deformed, the mentally-impaired, or the handicapped—usually newborns—from languishing the rest of their lives under irreversible barriers that prevent them from living a self-sufficient or "full" life.

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