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Facebook post sums up GA actions on life: "In the PC(USA), you are condemned if you spank your child, but are free to kill the child in the womb..."

GA 2014 010optSimilar comments to the one above were simultaneously posted by several observers at the 220th General Assembly when by a vote of 334/306/9, the assembly approved a recommendation encouraging PC(USA) members to "adopt discipline methods... that do not include corporal punishment of their children."

One commissioner noted that 'corporal punishment' is mandated in Scripture (Proverbs 13:24) while abortion—the taking of a human life is prohibited (Exodus 20:13). The PC(USA) clearly no longer looks to Scripture as their authority for faith and life.

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The 220th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) will be meeting in Pittsburgh, PA, June 30-July 7. Presbyterians Pro-Life will be there to remind the church of the tiniest members of the church family--those 'least ones' hidden in the wombs of their mothers. After the business is finished each day we will post a video report with highlights of the developments related to life issues. Among the many items of business that are critical to the life of the church, abortion coverage in the denomination's health plan and advocacy that would punish pregnancy centers and advance abortion clinics are two we will be watching closely. The link below will take you to those reports. Check it every day and pray for the PPL GA team on the ground in Pittsburgh!

PPL's daily report from the 220th GA

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 Y'all, I don't ordinarily post here, but I want to give witness by sharing a pastoral experience last week. I was called over to the hospital to meet a couple from church whose 7-month-gestation baby had died in the womb probably two days before. The doctor had just begun the process of inducing labor, which was expected to take maybe 12 more hours to complete. Since she was going to be lying there thinking about what was happening for so long, I felt led to be a bit more "directive" than I might otherwise, and shared with her "where God was." I told her that God had had her daughter Emma in his hands the whole time; she was known by him and loved from the moment of her conception, and nothing that had happened to her in the last 48 hours was separate from God's great love for her.

Human Rights Update tramples Catholic conscience; silent on China forced abortions Print E-mail

Presbyterians are a compassionate people. We have a long history of caring for the vulnerable and the hurting. We are proud of our reputation for engagement in public policy. Our understanding that God demands justice propels us to advocacy on behalf of the weak and oppressed. With unity we could be a formidable force for good in the world, but we are not united.

Often I regret that the political positions taken by the Advisory Committee for Social Witness Policy put us in opposition. I have usually been grateful for the Human Rights Updates that educate us about issues of injustice which should concern us all. Not so this time!

Ask Augustine: When does life begin? Print E-mail

Last week U.S. House of Representatives minority leader, Nancy Pelosi, D-California, a Roman Catholic said, "I do my religion on Sundays in church" and went on to say that those in the church who oppose President Obama's mandate on contraception are not speaking ex cathedra for the Catholic Church. A few years ago Pelosi (regarding the issue of when life begins) said "over the centuries, the Doctors (those theologians who established the doctrines) of the church have not been able to make that definition." She added that St. Augustine said, "at three months" and that "it's only been about 50 years that the church has understood life to begin at conception" Is she correct?

Regardless of one's political opinion about Nancy Pelosi, her few words (and I would note that neither does she speak ex cathedra, that is to speak with full authority of the office) about the Church and Christianity could not have contained more falsehoods. One can only wonder what she does the other six days of the week or when she is not in church.

To say "I DO my religion" shows an entire lack of knowledge about the foundation of Christianity and the Catholic Church. Christ did it ALL because we could not do it. 

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