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uunPlannedcover_home_optnPLANNED, by Abby Johnson
Review by Mary Van Driest

Abby Johnson, recruited as an idealistic college volunteer by Planned Parenthood in Bryan, Texas, believed that she would be helping women and reducing the number of abortions by supplying birth control. As a clinic director, she was told to increase revenue by doing more abortions. Being pressed into assisting in an ultrasound abortion finally opened Abby’s eyes to the truth of abortion, and began her exodus from Planned Parenthood. Abby says her journey out of Planned Parenthood was unplanned…except by God.

If there is one seed I hope to plant in the heart of everyone who hears my story, it is that God is worthy of our obedience and trust. When we step out in obedience, God rolls out the red carpet!

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