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NPRCNational Pro-Life Religious Council (NPRC) members present popular workshops annually at the National Right to Life Convention. Marie Bowen, PPL's Executive Director, participated in two of those workshops last month in Milwaukee, WS.

Kirk van der Swaagh, a pastor in the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference, presented with Bowen in a workshop titled "How to overcome apathy and opposition in all denominations." His tips are helpful for pro-life Presbyterians who often encounter apathy when advocating for the unborn in pro-life denominations and direct opposition in the Presbyterian Church (USA) which condones and supports abortion.

Van der Swaagh provided a simple way to stay focused during pro-life advocacy and ministry within churches. Here is his focused outline:

We meet people in basically 4 positions in our pro-life work:

Those opposed to a pro-life viewpoint
Those indifferent to the abortion debate
Those sympathetic to us but not engaged
Those who are pro-life activists

The clear goal and a way to measure our success, Van der Swaagh stated, is to move individuals from one category to the next with the hope that in time they all become pro-life activists. We have gained ground if we move someone from being actively opposed to the silence of indifference. Even more encouraging is to see someone move from indifference to a gradual sympathy with our concerns over abortion. The ultimate victory is to activate someone who is sympathetic and see them become an advocate for unborn human life.

Within the church, those of us who are pro-life have some strengths on our side.

Our weapons/assets are:

Truth - you've got it! Learn how to articulate it lovingly and persuasively. You are talking reality. You come from a place of strong confidence.

Love - The Holy Spirit is enabling you to love those needing ministry and even those who oppose you.



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