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DSC 6144-404webIn September, PPL reported on a pending physician assisted suicide bill in California. Since, Governor Brown has signed the bill into law.
Tadashi Agari, a pharmacist from Stockton, CA and a PPL supporter had this to say about the bill.

This is a grave concern for me and others as health care providers. . .

Considering what has been happening in Kentucky ever since the Supreme Court legalized same-sex perversion, the government may go after health care providers like me for either refusing to provide a Plan B, or medications that will hasten the end-of-life process. The Church must take a firm stand in obeying God rather than man (Acts 5:29). The scripture that comes to mind is Joshua 24:15 which states, "Choose you today whom you will serve, whether the gods of your fathers, the gods of the Amorites, (or for that matter, the dictates of the recent Supreme Court ruling), but as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord."

A number of individuals responded to our August article "What are Presbyterians Saying about Planned Parenthood? Some responded in a closed Facebook group and those private responses are not quoted, except to state that some do not want their denomination to make political statements on their behalf.

Wendell Jones of Marshall, TX gave PPL permission to quote from his letter to the leadership of the EPC. We have also posted his letter to the editor of his local paper.

For many years I have been involved as a volunteer in the pro-life movement. When I was a member of the PCUSA I was involved briefly with the para-church organization, Presbyterians Pro-Life. Since the recent undercover videos have been released revealing the clandestine marketing of baby body parts by Planned Parenthood, I felt compelled to make my own outcry. I made my statement in the form of a "letter to the editor" to two local news publications. [PPL has posted the letter at www.ppl.org].. . . As you may know, PPL has in recent years expanded their thrust to all major Presbyterian denominations, not just the PCUSA. When I went to the PPL website (ppl.org) to obtain contact information to forward my letter, I was astounded when I found a poignant article posted by the PPL executive director, Marie Bowen, entitled "What Are Presbyterians Saying About Planned Parenthood?" Her first words in the post were "Nothing! I searched half a dozen Presbyterian and Reformed denomination websites and found no articles or statements responding to videos implicating Planned Parenthood (PP) in the illegal sale of baby body parts. PP has long been involved in abortion—the evil, horrific, but legal ripping apart of tiny human beings."In the light of the "baby parts marketing" in our country by Planned Parenthood, I think Marie Bowen's article is worthwhile reading for all church leaders including teaching and ruling elders. After reading Ms. Bowen's article, I searched the EPC website for any reference to the Planned Parenthood travesty and found none. The only related text I found on our website was our well stated position on abortion.The silence of the evangelical churches on this devastating social issue is deafening. Hopefully, EPC can extricate itself from this mute assembly. We must study and follow the examples of Christians such as Dietrich Bonheoffer who spoke out against the evils that enveloped Nazi Germany to the extent that it cost his life. Please consider some strategy to encourage EPC pastors across our country to raise their voices and exert their influence against this unspeakable wickedness and depravity.

Others wrote to tell PPL how they and their congregations are standing against Planned Parenthood. A Presbyterian pastor's wife in Florida wrote:

I am proud to say my husband mobilized a group representing 5 different churches and denominations to picket Sat in front of PP in our local area to make a stand. It is a matter of educating people and letting them know it CAN be protested peacefully. All was above board. There were over 30 at the site. This is going to become a monthly picket or protest. . . . We need to pray that people's eyes are opened and hearts are softened for this issue.

Terry McDermott, Sacramento sent this poem

Tears in a Tomb

As I prayed in church, Jesus broke my heart,
Shattered in two, would it ever again start?
Felt like Paul with a thorn in my side,
Did not sign up for this ride.
Saw a cloud, then heartfelt rain,
Around my heart a ball and chain.
I should have let it be,
Pondering if an unborn child can see?
The eyes of a newborn so alert,
Wondering if they could hurt.
Like an Old Testament vision,
I could see the incision.
The child started to cry,
Wondering why?
A little girl still in the womb,
Life's first tears in her tomb.
Tiny arms torn apart,
Then the wheels and the cart.
A vision no one should have, never,
Those eyes will haunt me forever.
Died in the present, lived in the past,
Her first tears, forever her last.



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