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Written by Wendell Jones, Marshall, TX   

12 weeksIt is incomprehensible to most clear thinking Americans that the Holocaust could occur in such an enlightened and traditionally Christian country as Germany. Yet since the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision on January 22, 1973, a holocaust with much greater numbers than the WWII Holocaust has been legally taking place within our borders.

Back in 1989 I was privileged to spend several days in Germany. During my time there I had the opportunity to visit the infamous WWII Dachau Concentration Camp, one of the many in Germany and other European countries. For years I had read about the Holocaust and had some minimal understanding of the human tragedy suffered by six million European Jews as well as other classes of people.

Most educated adults in our country have a least some understanding of the Holocaust and the incomprehensible human slaughter and fiendish "medical" experiments perpetrated by the Nazis. Hitler had a plan called "The Final Solution" to kill all the Jews in Europe. This evil transpired in one of the most highly advanced countries in Europe and with few exceptions the populace and the church hierarchy never made an outcry.

While touring the Dachau camp, which is only a few acres in size, I observed that within the length of a couple of blocks past the electric perimeter fence, there were apartment buildings and private homes. All the devilish murder that was taking place inside the fence took place under the noses of the locals. On liberation of the camp by the U. S. Seventh Army on April 29, 1945, the residents of the City of Dachau were forced by the Army's commanding officers to march through the camp to see the stacks of rotting bodies, the ovens for their incineration and the carnage that was daily taking place in their midst.

It is incomprehensible to most clear thinking Americans that the Holocaust could occur in such an enlightened and traditionally Christian country as Germany. Yet since the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision on January 22, 1973, a holocaust with much greater numbers than the WWII Holocaust has been legally taking place within our borders.

Since 1973 over 50 million American babies have been mutilated and destroyed in their mother's womb. Although this killing of innocents has been ongoing for the past 42 years it has been routinely glossed over by the politically correct liberal press with all the misleading, righteous sounding clichés about a woman's right to choose. Although the facts of this carnage have been available all along for those who cared to know, recently widely publicized events exposing Planned Parenthood and their selling of baby body parts has illuminated the true nature of this evil.

One of the several undercover videos that were made of this clandestine, but routine practice of marketing baby body parts, revealed a Planned Parenthood staff "sales person" going to a freezer, retrieving a plastic bag of body parts, dumping them into a sink, washing off the blood and then transferring the parts in to a casserole dish for inspection and evaluation by a "potential buyer." It was horrendous watching the "sales lady" tweezer through the scrambled parts looking for a minute thymus in which the "buyer" expressed interest while holding up for visual inspection tiny lungs, arms, legs and other mangled and torn body parts of the day's production of aborted babies.

In another video interview with a former Planned Parenthood staff member, the former somewhat reticent and trembling employee, hesitantly describes her horrific experience of cutting with scissors through the face of a just delivered intact child to extract the brain for marketing purposes. In some cases the heart of a mutilated baby would still be beating.

How are these multitudinous vile deeds executed for years by Planned Parenthood and funded with our millions of tax dollars different from what was perpetrated by Hitler's Nazi regime? Of course the nature and motivation for the killing is different. Hitler was attempting to annihilate what he considered an inferior race, the Jews. Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers are performing their bloody work killing innocent children under the protective shields of unjust legality and pretended humanitarianism. This is only a small step from Josef Mengele's appalling medical experiments on innumerable children in Auschwitz. He too had perverted humanitarian purposes in mind.

Those least responsible, but who suffer the longest and the most from this current and ongoing American holocaust, are the young women who get the abortions. These young women are in most cases the innocent victims of this lucrative squalid business. Those that really have blood on their hands, even more than the abortionist, are those that have the power to bring to a halt and/or defund this mountainous carnage and do not. The responsibility lies squarely on the backs of those at the top in all three branches of national and state government from the President, Supreme Court and legislatures on down, both Democrats and Republicans.

Presently, those who had the courage to record these shocking videos (which now are being dubbed as "illegal, altered and falsified") are the ones being attacked by the liberal politicians and press. What would we be hearing from animal rights groups if puppies or kittens were being ripped apart, or even abused, at a rate of over a million a year? What kind of reaction would there be from the PC police?

Saddest of all is the silence blaring from most Christian churches and Christian institutions across our land, some even with published policies that are complicit with this depravity. Dietrich Bonhoffer, a German clergyman who was executed by the Third Reich for his stand against Hitler's "Final Solution," made the following statement in his writings in opposition to the Nazi regime. Bonhoffer boldly proclaimed, "Silence in the face of evil is evil itself." Have the leaders of our country become so shameless and debased that they can call this documented slaughter and marketing of the most vulnerable and innocent in our society anything other than what it is? It's no different than the ancient pagans sacrificing and throwing their children into the blazing arms and mouth of their heathen god, Moloch, while being demanded not to shed a tear.

This daily infant carnage and profiteering of baby body parts can best be attacked by defunding Planned Parenthood at both state and federal level. Everyone who believes in the sanctity of human life and believes that we are created in the image of God must let their voice be known to our leaders that make the laws and the court decisions. Most of all we must pray for America. We deserve and can be assured of God's judgment against our nation for this great transgression.



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