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As Christians we have a moral obligation to speak on behalf of those being "led away to death" or in any way treated unjustly. Our Presbyterian understanding of the Sixth Commandment, "Thou shall not murder," leads us to understand that the life of human beings is precious to God. Scripture passages such as Psalm 139, Jeremiah 1:5, and Galatians 1:15 reveal that God is active and engaged in relationship with us while we are yet in the wombs of our mothers.

Because we take our understanding of human life from the teaching of Scripture we are compelled to defend the unborn from the kinds of atrocities perpetuated by Planned Parenthood in their abortion clinics. Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion industry in America, aborting more than 300,000 babies each yeaer. In recent weeks their involvement in the added horror of trafficking in baby body parts has been exposed by undercover investigative videos. Please use the links below to educate yourself and others and to find tools to take action to uphold the lives of the unborn in your community and in our nation.

Watch the Videos – Warning! Before you watch the 10 investigative videos that have been released, you should know that they are very graphic, both verbally and in the actual footage of aborted babies that is shown. The reality of the ugliness and evil of abortion is clear and the callous attitude toward life from those discussing the sale of baby organs is terribly disturbing.

The three shocking revelations from the video:

1) Planned Parenthood sells body parts of babies they abort and make money doing it. That is illegal.
2) Planned Parenthood changes abortion procedures sometimes to get better quality 'specimens' of baby organs, even using illegal forms of abortion (such as partial-birth abortion) at times to accomplish their goals.
3) The trafficking in baby parts is not confined to one facility or clinic but goes to the top of Planned Parenthood's organization. Top leadership support it but also try to cover up what they are doing.

The impact the videos are having:

1) The brutality of abortion and the callousness of those engaged in selling the organs and body parts of aborted babies has been clearly exposed for the evil that it is.
2) Seeing abortion through the eyes of abortion providers has triggered a surprising honesty about it that has even reached the Congressional hearings and caused them to be more open in their discussion.
3) The videos are forcing Planned Parenthood to own what they really do, including altering abortion techniques in order to make a greater profit.
4) Watching the videos is hard but provides an opportunity for the light of truth to shine through.
5) Several formerly pro-choice persons have publicly declared a shift in their position after watching the videos.
6) Formerly inactive pro-life individuals are being motivated to take action and become vocal defendants of unborn human beings.

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Action Items

Order this informative brochure from Human Life Alliance 

Listen to this Audio webcast with David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress and David Bereit of 40 Days for Life about the impact the PP Investigative videos are having and a 4 pronged plan for how you can help through prayer, promotion, pitching in and participating.



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