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Written by Rev. Lowell Avery   

Prayer-graphic March16sq"Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble;
He delivered them out of their distresses."
– Psalm 107.6

Sometimes our troubles are of our own making, plain and simple. Sometimes the root lies elsewhere. Frequently it's a mixed bag. Accordingly, I find it is almost always appropriate to include some time of reflection before opening my mouth in prayer, and to make sure I not only praise and thank God and talk to Him about folks' needs, but also to confess whatever sins the Spirit brings to my attention.

When praying about Pro-Life matters in our congregations, our denomination, and our world, my temptation is to think of such issues in terms of "them" – the folks who openly advocate for abortion, the ones who try to hush those of us who speak of fetuses as children, the people in the church who are indifferent to what the Holy Spirit has clearly said about human life in the womb. But when I reflect on my own life, the Holy Spirit has a way of reminding me that I do not approach God without my own baggage.

I too have wandered in the wasteland of our culture's preoccupation with power and pleasure seeking. I too have rebelled against God's words and have wound up in the chains of guilt and shame. I too have played the fool, lying to myself that I could safely flirt with iniquity. I too have felt the emptiness, darkness, and afflictions of sin.

Even when my hands are comparatively clean, I still carry the corporate misery of living in a stormy, staggering, dangerous world. Even the sins I commit unawares contribute to the threatening mess you and I must endure. It's much more comfortable to try to put the blame elsewhere. It's much more honest to own up, to weep over my pride and accept the humbling realities.

Then when I cry to the Lord in our trouble, I am assured that the One Who is gracious to forgive also hears, and that He is mighty to deliver us, to save us, and to bring us out of our distresses.

The time will come when the Lord will lead our thankful lives into His fruitful place. He will draw us out of our self-made dungeons and into the light of His life. He will move us away from self-destruction and into the joy of His healing. He will hush the waves and calm our hearts and fill our voices with praise.

Friends, with proper humility, let us pray with powerful confidence.

Please join Presbyterians Pro-Life and a coalition of religious and pro-life groups August 22-29, 2015 in a Week of Prayer and Fasting to End the Evils of Abortion and Planned Parenthood.



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