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Written by Marie Bowen   

crosses smWho will value, remember and reflect on the lives of aborted babies?

Remembering members of the Armed Forces

On May 26 Americans will set aside work to honor and remember those of the United States Armed Forces who have died in military service. "Memorial Day" is a time many set aside to reflect on the dearness of lives lost, visiting cemeteries and memories, and recounting the value added to our own lives by those we have loved who have died.

Remembering the Armenian Genocide

At the upcoming General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) to be held in Detroit, June 14-21, business item 11- 07 asks commissioners to urge congregations to "recognize the Armenian Genocide, which claimed 1.5 million lives of Armenians from 1915 to 1923 and displaced more than one million more". If approved churches would be asked to set aside April 24th as an annual day of remembrance, to honor those who have worked to prevent similar mass killings, and to work to bring perpetrators of such crimes to justice. Item 11-07 seeks the name of "genocide" for the crimes against the Armenians and invites broad participation in the commemoration from the President of the United States and Congress to individual congregations in the PCUSA. Why have a day to remember this genocide? The Advocacy Committee for Racial Ethnic Concerns notes a reason in their comment on 11-07: "because it is an important component in the healing process." Remembering the Armenian Genocide seems right and good.

Who will remember 57 million aborted?

It will not surprise you that this item brings to my mind another genocide: abortion. I could ask, "Has your denomination or your congregation ever commemorated the lives of the 56 million babies aborted between 1973 and 2014?" If not, why not? The answer to that question in the PCUSA is sadly, but truthfully, that the lives of unborn children are not valued by the majority—or at least the majority of GA commissioners voting in the last three decades. Human beings classified as 'before' birth or 'not viable' or 'un'born or a 'pregnancy' or 'fetus' or 'unwanted' or 'unplanned' are not understood to be sacred—set apart for God's glory and service. They are regarded as dispensable, disposable, a choice or option, a parasite, a 'problem' pregnancy to be 'terminated.' "We don't know when life begins" is the cry of feigned ignorance that empowers and perpetuates a policy that considers the killing of babies in the womb as "morally acceptable" in certain circumstances.

Such reasoning does not reflect the Truth about the identity of the baby in utero! People of the Word know that it is God who created the baby in the womb (Job 10:8-12; Psa. 119:73). He has purposes for the life of the baby in utero (Jer. 1:5). His calling extends to babies in the womb (Gal. 1:15). A denomination may refuse to acknowledge these truths but it cannot make the word of God untrue.

It is encouraging to know congregations in the PCUSA, ECO, and EPC that do remember lives lost to abortion each Sanctity of Human Life Sunday in January. It is right and good to do so "because it is an important component in the healing process." Remembering alone will not heal an individual or the PCUSA from the sin of abortion. Healing from abortion requires repentance and the transforming forgiveness of God. How can we repent while we continue in our sin?

Presbyterians Pro-Life will remember!

Presbyterians Pro-Life will remember lives lost in the holocaust of abortion—the 'genocide' of the tiniest humans—at the General Assembly in Detroit. If you attend the GA we invite you to join us to grieve, repent, and commemorate the lives of aborted babies. We will also remember those who have died of natural causes before or at birth and we will seek God's comfort and healing together for parents who have lost children at any age. We will thank God for each precious life. We will remember these we have loved and honor them as created, loved, and called by God. Please join us for a service of worship, healing, and remembering on June 17 at 7:00 pm in Skyline A at Courtyard Marriott in Downtown Detroit.



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