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Written by Mary Van Driest, Reviewer   

Pilgrimage Through Loss book imageAuthor Linda Lawrence Hunt subtitles her book: Pathways to Strength and Renewal after the Death of a Child

"Whether their child is stillborn, a three-year-old, or a forty-three-year-old, it doesn't matter. Such loss permeates with a sorrow beyond all our previous imagination."

While this book deals with the loss of a child, it will be very helpful to anyone experiencing loss and also to those who are walking alongside someone who is grieving.

The author includes the experiences of a number of others grieving the loss of a child, those experiences each following their own pathway rather than one specific pattern. She also points out that, until recently, little attention has been given to parents experiencing perinatal loss, which includes families dealing with loss from miscarriages, stillbirth, and newborn death. Even in the midst of her pilgrimage through loss, which is ongoing, the author offers encouragement and hope. She writes about the importance of remembering the lost child in meaningful ways, and how this enables the enjoying of the life of the child who has passed on way too soon. A friend sent Hunt a note with this wonderful reminder from Psalm 51

"Heart shattered lives....don't for a moment escape God's notice. (The Message).

Hunt's book is available at Barnes & Noble ,Amazon, and The Thoughtful Christian.
For more information and links to additional resources for grieving parents visit the author's bookpage.



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