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Written by Marie Bowen   

6-7-week-baby optThe gospel message suffers when we fail to include the unborn

Two of my three sons have birthdays in the first week of December. Twice I have been pregnant and have given birth during the Advent season. Those December births impact my annual reflection on the wonder of Jesus and the wonderful news that "The Word became flesh and dwelt among us" (John 1:14).

"Birth" days are especially poignant to all those who stand to defend children in the wombs of their mothers. We share an understanding that the day we appear to the world is not the real beginning of our life. God creates a new person at the moment of fertilization in the miracle of union between the ovum from mom and the sperm from dad.

Our birthday is more like a debut—the day God unveils us to the rest of the world!Scripture tells us that our Creator God (Psa. 119:73), has known us and called us (Jer. 1:5) while we were yet in the wombs of our mothers. This truth is more precious to me than ever before because this year I welcomed my first grandchild! Our family celebrated his sonogram picture and prayed for him daily as he grew and developed in his mother's womb. What joy we felt in September when we saw the face of this precious boy we had already loved for months!

The gospel suffers when you and I do not understand the value of the unborn child.

Our joy as Christians comes from our faith in the promises that are not yet seen. The people of Israel waited long for Messiah. He came as a tiny embryo, hidden in the womb of Mary. Jesus was not even visible as a "baby bump" when John the Baptist, himself merely a fetus, leaped in the womb of Elizabeth at Messiah's presence. After His birth, only a few worshipped Him or understood that Messiah had come. Most eyes were clouded by their suffering under the harsh rule of Rome. They longed for a King who would free them from oppression. God sent them the King of Kings in a form they did not expect—helpless and hidden. Yet, in the tiny Christ was more than enough power to set his people free, not only from human oppression, but from the slavery of sin and the penalty of death!

It is no accident that God sent Jesus into the womb of Mary.

When we remember the unborn Jesus in our Christmas celebration our understanding of Christ's work on our behalf is enhanced. Because of His great love for us Jesus willingly humbled himself to identify with our most helpless and vulnerable state. God knew we needed a Savior who knows our weakness and who would show us how to trust the Father. Jesus submitted to the Father's plan of salvation including becoming a tiny embryo. His trust in His Father was perfect.

So, at Christmas, we celebrate Jesus' coming in human flesh and all that his sacrificial death and glorious resurrection mean for us. As the people of Israel waited for Messiah we wait again to see our King of Kings face to face! We know him and love him already, but one day we will see him and Oh! How great will be our joy on that day!



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