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Written by P.J. Southam, PPL Board of Directors   

SouthamDisplayWhen I first became a pastor, I took a large stack of Presbyterian Pro-Life’s newsletters to my presbytery meetings and left them out for others to take. Most of the time they were all picked up and I didn’t have to take any home with me. I was always heartened to see that.

After many years of hearing about Di Lupton's witness at her presbytery meetings with a display for PPL, and also of Martha Leatherman's witness at her presbytery, I decided to do more than I had been doing. Upon my request, the PPL office sent me a box of brochures, and Di Lupton emailed me two images as pdf files. Now, I just had to get to work! I am married to a talented artist, who actually assisted greatly in creating this display.

SouthamDisplay2The first task was getting poster sized prints of the images Di sent me. These are each 16" by 20". I was unable to get them printed at the usual photo type places, so I went to a Staples where their copy center was able to fix me up for about $17.00 per poster. I purchased two sheets of black foam core board, joined them together with black athletic tape, and attached the posters with aerosol adhesive.

Using a cardboard box, along with other pieces of cardboard and poster board, my wife made a stand for the brochures. She also loaned me a quilt top and piece of green fabric to cover the table. Last, I put out some Lifesavers candies in a dish.

You too can spread the word about cherishing life created in God's image. You can spread the word about the work of Presbyterians Pro-Life at your presbytery. You can do something simple, such as leaving some of our information out for people to take. Or you can do a display with posters as well as literature. Or, you can do something in between.

Tips for a successful Presbytery display

First, you don't have to be a pastor or elder commissioner to do this. Most presbytery meetings are open, and you can go as an observer.

Second, find out what your presbytery's policy is about displays and literature. Some require you to obtain prior permission, while others may allow you to show up and set up. Also, find out if permission is needed and who grants it. You can usually find this out by calling your presbytery office. Some presbyteries require permission for displays from their presbytery council. In other presbyteries, it may be the presbytery moderator who grants permission, or the host church based on available space. If the answer is that no permission is needed, go for it! If permission is needed, ask nicely and always be gracious. It also helps to know what your space requirements are. The display in these photos takes up about two-thirds of a banquet table. It can be adjusted to half a table (about four feet) if a smaller space is all that is available. Practice setting up your display ahead of time. You will know how much space you will need, and it will save set up time when you arrive at the meeting.

Third, make sure brochures about ministry with those affected by abortion are out front and visible.

This healing ministry is very much needed within the church.In our electronic, media-saturated world, there is still something powerful about a strong image and a tangible piece of literature that someone can hold in their hand and take with them.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information and materials to set up a display in your presbytery.



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