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ppldisplay1Recently on the same day in October, PPL resources were on display in two Presbyteries. A note at the end of this article highlights just how important a PPL brochure can be in the right hands at God's time. PPL is looking for a volunteer in each Presbytery to host a PPL table at Presbytery meetings and distribute our resources to churches and individuals. If God is calling you to help with this effort please contact the PPL office.

Missouri Union Presbytery

Di Lupton, PPL Board member, set up a PPL display table MO Union Presbytery Mtg_2.jpg at a recent Missouri Union Presbytery meeting. Di, who also manages PPL's Booth at General Assemblies and Presbyterian Women Gatherings, has learned that pro-life displays often prompt opportunities for ministry to men and women who have experienced abortions.

Mission Presbytery

A few months ago, the Alamo Area Presbyterians Pro-Life (AAPPL) made their debut appearance at a Mission Presbytery meeting. Only 3 individuals approached the display and one of those was opposed to their pro-life ppldisplay2message. Chapter leaders might have been discouraged, but they did not give u. They tried again with renewed vision and effort. This time they baked chocolate chip cookies and attached information about the AAPPL chapter, their contact information and a 'Precious Feet' pin. People flocked to the AAPPL exhibit! They gave out 25 of PPL's booklets on "Abortion and the Medical Benefits Plan of the PC(USA)."

AAPPL Chapter MembersChapter President, Dr. Martha Leatherman, described the response:

"Our 'Precious Feet' pins are 'walking away.' Better yet, they are visible on the lapels of the Commissioners. Even more, people have stopped by our table and said, 'I am so glad you are here.' People are interested in finding out how their contributions to the Medical Benefits Plan are being used, and they are shocked to find out their money has paid for abortions. Some are horrified to find out that the PC(USA) is 'pro-choice.'"

On the left, became new members after visiting the first AAPPL exhibit at Mission Presbytery

ppldisplay3Testimony to the power of Scripture in a PPL brochure

Dear Presbyterians Pro Life,

I just want to say that I have a tremendous amount of respect for the work your organization has done to preserve the lives of unborn children. Your "Life: A Biblical Perspective" page was paramount in helping my youngest sister understand the importance of keeping her child and for that I am very grateful. You have touched our family in a way that will affect us for the rest of our lives.

Thank you,

Beth Cutolo



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