Basic info on the “morning after pill” Print

pillThree brands of the medication known as “emergency contraception” or the “morning after pill” are sold in the U.S.: Ella, Next Choice, and Plan B. All are available in pharmacy aisles (and likely your grocery store) without prescription or ID. They work to prevent pregnancy if taken within 3 days (72 hours) of sexual activity, but do not work if the woman is already pregnant. They may work in three ways. 1) to prevent ovulation 2) to prevent fertilization or 3) to prevent implantation (PPL would define #3 as an abortion of a tiny person created by God to be a unique and separate human being with DNA from mother and father).

Some web pages with more information including side effects and risks:
Mayo clinic list of risks and side effects
Health and Human Services (HHS) page
For a pro-life view, go to OptionLine

The Affordable Care Act requires employers to provide this coverage. Churches may request exemption, but not non-profits or businesses. Court cases are pending (i.e. Little Sisters of the Poor, Holly Lobby.) PPL has chosen Medi-share for our Executive Director, a Christian sharing plan approved by government as an insurance alternative.