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Written by Marie Bowen   

conversationRecently I was asked how I answer those who oppose the pro-life position. Whenever we address those with whom we disagree, it is of first importance to be mindful that he/she too is created by God in His image and someone for whom Christ died. Let that change your heart, your tone, and your demeanor. There is more at stake than "winning" an argument. Stick to the facts and leave the rest to God.

Q. How do you respond to an angry woman who says "It's my body, my choice!"?

A. It is wise to avoid cliches or rhetoric. Simply state the facts: The child in the womb is–from the moment of fertilization–a new individual with a separate genetic identity from any other person on earth. Scientific and Medical knowledge agree that a new life begins at the moment of fertilization–that already he/she is a tiny human being, alive, and unique. This created being is separate and individual from the woman's body and a life created and owned by God. No one, even the mother, has permission to take innocent life. Human beings are given the right to kill animals for food, but we are prohibited from taking the life of another human being.

Q. What about rape and incest? Shouldn't the woman have a choice to abort? Why should she go crazy?

A. Rape is a terrible act of violence against the woman and she surely needs the tender loving care of the church. She needs prayer and comfort and love to see her through to a place of healing and restoration. When she becomes pregnant as the result of rape or incest, it is especially difficult because she did not choose to be pregnant and may not wish to become a parent.

A distinction must be made between the rapist and the child that has been conceived. The child is innocent and has done nothing deserving of death. Abortion should never be seen as a solution to rape and incest. A terrible violence has been committed against the woman and she is not helped by a second act of violence. That is what abortion is: an act of violence against an innocent human being. Though she has been violated and she did not choose to become pregnant, when a woman aborts a baby conceived as a result of rape, she then in turn becomes a perpetrator of violence against the innocent.

As Christians we believe that God is the creator and owner of all life. When God creates life in the midst of trauma, it is evidence of His character that brings good when evil is intended and brings life out of death. God's plan for this child may provide a path to healing for the mother–a truth affirmed by the testimonies of women who have carried babies conceived in rape or incest to term.



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