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A nine-year-old's perspective

Abortion could have spelled the name of George Washington Carver. He was a slave whose dad had died. As the baby of a nineteen-year-old mother, he was kidnapped with his mother, and given back in trade for a three hundred dollar race horse. His master wondered if the three hundred dollar horse was worth a child who was sick with whooping cough. "No hope for him," Master Carver might have said. But he was wrong.

George Washington Carver made over 100 products from soybeans and sweet potatoes, and 300 products from the peanut! At Tuskegee Institute, he taught people about growing things. Once he made a meal entirely out of peanuts! He was asked several times to take jobs that would pay him high salaries, but he always refused. His purpose was not to make a lot of money, but to keep on helping humanity. He sure was worth the three hundred dollar race horse the master had given! Don't you agree?

Today, we abort infants when the mothers do not want them. Often the case is there are no dads, or they are in poverty. Sometimes the mothers are teenagers. Sometimes, the child is considered "worthless" if it is sick in some way. The same thing applied to George Washington Carver. His mother was a teenager, his dad had died, and he was poor and sick. If you think a child is worthless and want to abort it, remember George Washington Carver and his work.

Unborn life is of value to God too, because God made all life. God values human life and wants us to protect it, and give the babies inside their moms a chance to live. Let's help humanity. Don't abort--you could be aborting another George Washington Carver.

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