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Written by Mary Van Driest   

  Time for Children, FPC Oostburg, Wisconsin,  January 20, 2008 

Today is “Sanctity of Life” Sunday….a day to think about how God loves each one of us, and values our lives beginning when we were very, very small and all the way through.

I brought two books with me today

            One is a ‘made-up’ or make-believe story

            The other one not made-up, every word in it is true…a Bible

The make-believe book is a Dr. Seuss story about Horton the Elephant

**Read the first section ending with “a person’s a person, no matter how small.”

Horton began to protect the dust speck with the very small ‘persons’ on it;  he took very good care of it.

 he put it gently on a stem of very soft clover.  (book picture)

His friends laughed at him, they said a person on that?  Why there never has been!”

But Horton didn’t care what anyone else said…

he just kept on taking care of this clover with the dust speck with the very small persons on it.

Some of his friends even  tried to destroy the dust speck on the clover, but Horton wouldn’t let them!!!

Finally, Horton told all the ‘Who’s”  to shout as loud as they could, all at the same time so the others would hear them and  …

and finally the others heard the Who’s, and realized that

even though they were too small to for anyone to see, they were real people!!!. 

And all Horton’s friends decided to help protect those very small people who couldn’t protect themselves.

That’s a great story and even though it is a make-believe story, it teaches us something that this book, the Bible, a true book, teaches us too…

That “A person’s a person, no matter how small”!!!

The Bible tells us that God knew us before we were ever  born, even before we began to grow in our mom’s.  Way before anyone could possibly see or hear us. 

Jeremiah 1:5a  NLT

Psalm 139:16a NLT 

When we were even smaller than the smallest of these babies,

God knew us and loved us.

Before we were born, when no one could see us or hear us,

It was God’s plan that our  moms and dads would make sure we were protected and taken care of, that no harm would come to us. ….

And God wants us, as we get bigger, to care for and protect

those who are smaller than we are,

just like Horton protected the Who’s.

The Who’s were so thankful that Horton took care of them,

and we can thank God for taking care of us, and for  giving us moms and dads to take care of us,

from when we were so small no one could see or hear us, and all through our lives. 

Horton was a ‘life saver’ for the Whos,  and we brought a bag of lifesavers to remind us to be lifesavers, too, and to always protect and care for those who are too small to take care of themselves.

 We also brought Smarties,  and they can remind that knowing what the Bible says makes us Smarties ….and the Bible tells us, too, that God says

“a person’s a person, no matter how small”!!  


Thank you, Jesus, for loving us

Even before we were born

When we were so  small

No one but You

Could even see us.

Help us to give

loving care

To each person,

No matter how small

In Jesus Name



Mary Van Driest is a member of First Presbyterian Church of Oostburg, Wisconsin and a long-time member and Senior Vice President of the Board of Directors of Presbyterians Pro-Life.




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