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Our Work in Adoption - Please note: PPL is not an adoption agency.
Our resources are designed to increase the church's awareness and promotion of adoption,
and equip churches to support those making adoption plans or building their families through adoption.

PPL Adoption Resources

These and other materials are available in printed form from PPL.

See Resource Catalog or contact PPL for more information.

CHURCH PACKET: "God Gives Us Life Through Adoption"

"God Gives Us Life Through Adoption" informative booklet
Partakers of the Grace: Biblical Foundations for Adoption
Adoption: Five Myths and Realities
Interracial Families
Adoption Language
The Church and Adoption
Preparation for Adoption
Consider Your Call

Download free: Adoption Bulletin Insert Series

Read bulletin insert content online:One,Two,Three,Four

An Adoption Hymn by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette

PPL News articles related to adoption

Adoption Organizations
Links and Contact Information

PPL Adoption Brochures (pdf)

A Guide to Local and National Adoption
Agencies and resources

Pregnant? Have you considered Adoption?

Adoption Stories

A Snowflake is Born

Gratitude Brackets Adoption Story

My Adoption Testimony

Our Russian Adoption & Our Sovereign God



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