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The Rev. Thomas F. Torrance, a distinguished Presbyterian theologian and friend of PPL went to be with the Lord on Dec. 2nd at the age of 94. Rev. Torrance served on the Board of Reference of Presbyterians Pro-Life for the last several years. In June 2000 he was the featured speaker at a PPL banquet event at the General Assembly in Long Beach, CA. Illness prevented him from attending, but his prepared speech was read at the event by The Rev. Dr. Gerrit Dawson. The text of his speech was subsequently published by PPL.


Torrance’s booklet, The Being and Nature of the Unborn Child, is especially fitting reading for the month of Advent. His theological thinking on the coming of Christ, the virgin birth, and Christ’s identification with humanity first as an embryo gives fresh insight into the love of Jesus Christ demonstrated at his coming into the womb of Mary and the profound value stamped on every human embryo as a result. He wrote:

“Every child in the womb has been brothered by the Lord Jesus. In becoming a human being for us, he also became an embryo for the sake of all embryos, and for our Christian understanding of the being, nature and status in God’s eyes of the unborn child. So, to take no though, or no proper thought, for the unborn child is to have no proper thought of Jesus himself as our Lord and Savior or to appreciate his relation as the incarnate Creator to every human being.”


PPL offers our condolences the Torrance family, while celebrating a life well lived, grateful for the gift of wisdom left to us in Torrance’s writing.


Download Torrance’s book: The Being and Nature of the Unborn Child .


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