Not our own, or alone, we belong to God! Print

Boy with valentineValentine’s Day can be lonely, dissappointing, and painful if we accept the world’s view of romantic love. The following excerpt from Not My Own, by Terry Schlossberg and the late Elizabeth Achtemeier, clarifies Whose we are and how we are loved by Him.

The Biblical Good News

Over against the empty desolation of individualism that undergirds abortion, however, the Bible sets a different announcement about the nature of human life, and that announcement is indeed good news. First of all, in the biblical world-view, there is no such thing as an autonomous individual. Rather, in its very first pages, the Bible proclaims that we are all made by God in his image (Gen. 1:26-27) and that we can therefore never fully be understood except in relation to our Creator. Psychology, sociology, economics, medicine, art, every branch of humanities and of science may describe our humanity, but unless our relationship to God is included in that description, we have not been fully and accurately described. We were created to live in relationship with our Maker, and that relationship is an integral part of our humanity.

Second, the amazing proclamation of the biblical faith is that this God, to whom we are so irrevocably tied by being made in his image is not uncaring Tyrant or unfathomable Void, all –absorbing Spirit or unconcerned Benevolence. Rather he is incomparable Love, who has revealed himself to us through his chosen people Israel and supremely in the life, death, and resurrection of his Son Jesus Christ. We can know our Maker and enter into loving relation with him as his beloved children, experiencing his mercy and guidance and finding joy and life abundant in his daily sustenance and accompaniment of us. In other words, we have a gospel to fight abortion and its lonely claim that we are just our own. For the gospel says, we are not our own! Thanks be to God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, we are not our own!

We are not meaningless little accidents of evolution, interrupting the flow of centuries, destined to appear and then Valentine image 1disappear, with no significance. No, we are the planned creations of a loving God, who has an eternal purpose for us.
We are not stumbling, erring little actors on the stage of time burdened ever more heavily by the guilt we accumulate. No, in Christ we are forgiven, loved, reconciled, redeemed children of a heavenly Father, who as lifted the burden from our backs by sending his Son to carry it all in the shape of a cross.

We are not dying deities, who must run the world by ourselves only to wither and become dust in a final grave—our plans, our hopes, our dreams reduced to naught but equal dust. No, we are creations, creatures of a Creator of life, who wills only life for us, and who gives us that life in his Son, guiding our feet by his accompanying Spirit and preparing us for eternity in the company of that risen Son.

We are not lonely, isolated, self-enclosed little egos, turned in upon ourselves, whose neighbors and whose unborn children are but an obstacle to our own self-fulfillment. No, as the Body of Christ we are valued participants in a beloved community, headed by a Lord who has eradicated the barriers of sin and death that would separate us from one another, and who has given us the power by his Spirit to care and to love all of his children.

The Christian Church has a marvelous message—a miraculous message—given to it alone. And it has been empowered by the Spirit of Christ to carry that message to every hamlet and town and city and nation, to the very ends of the earth. Indeed, that is the church’s commission. . . (Matt 28:19-20; Acts 1:8)

The Christian Church is the instrument God has chosen to proclaim the glad news that we are not our own.

Excerpt from Not My Own, by Terry Schlossberg and Elizabeth Achtemeier, published in 1995 by Eerdmans, Grand Rapids, MI (pages 15-17). Copies are available from the publisher or from Presbyterians Pro-Life.