We need the church to be a strong pro-life voice to society! Print

imagesCABH03S0Media and cultural voices are telling women that abortion is a safe way out of an embarrassing or difficult circumstance. Teens are bombarded with sexually explicit messages and encouraged to experiment with sex while STD rates rise and abortion businesses prosper.

There is more bad news. Schools are welcoming Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in America, onto their campuses to teach Sex Ed and to give out free birth control and morning after pills without parental consent. This is a terrible idea on several counts. It is certainly not in the best interests of our children to have their education about sex coming from an organization that benefits by supplying birth control and abortions!

Early sexual activity has devastating consequences for adolescents.

Among girls becoming pregnant at age 15 or younger, over 80% undergo abortion. While the rate of abortions is low in girls this young (2 in 1,000) the physical, emotional, and spiritual damage of having an abortion at such a young age is immeasurable. In young women 15-19 about 14 in 1,000 experience abortion, but more make the decision to carry their baby to term than those under 15. About 30% choose abortion compared to the 80% for younger girls. By ages 20-24 the abortion rate increases to 27 abortions per 1000 women. Slightly less than 30% of pregnant young women ages 20-24 choose abortion. (CDC Abortion Surveillance Report)

Abortion is never ‘safe’.

Young women are told that abortion is safe and that having an abortion will allow them to return to normalcy. It isn’t true. Twelve women died in 2011 from complications resulting from abortions. Suicide rates drug abuse, promiscuity, breast cancer, and subsequent premature births are all higher among women who have had abortions.

America’s 40 year wholesale denial of the value of life in the womb has resulted in 55 million missing people and left millions of women and men with guilt and grief over their abortions. Who can measure how that emotional and spiritual devastation affects relationships with spouses, children? Who can assess the negative effect of abortion on an individual’s relationship with God?

What is the role of the church in response?

It has always been the role of the church to teach her people what the Scripture says. The Bible is clear that God is our Maker (Job 10:8-12) and that it is God’s hands that have made us. (Psalm 119:73).

Scripture clearly teaches that taking an innocent life is prohibited. The Bible states, "Thou shalt not kill" and "do not kill the innocent and righteous" (Ex 20:13 & 23:7). So the first role of the church is to teach and apply God’s principles to abortion.It is the role of the church to warn all people that there are consequences for rejecting God’s principles.

Regardless of denominational lines all Christians should be working to build a culture in our churches, our American society, and in the world that joyously welcomes new life.

• Regardless of the ages and stage of development

• Regardless of ability or productivity

• Regardless of race, gender, intelligence or physical appearance

No matter what our denominational label Christians should remain witnesses to the truth and be unambiguous in defending life in all that we do.

• Seeking to provide basic necessities for all humanity

• Pursuing peaceful solutions to conflict

• Working to reduce crime, poverty, and addiction

• Providing care for the elderly, the infirm, the mentally ill, the poor, the helpless

The church is especially instructed to nurture and care for the "least of these" and for "widows and orphans." Pregnant, unmarried woman are often abandoned by the child’s father and her child in the womb is fatherless. Supporting women in crisis pregnancies and the children to whom they give birth, is a vital ministry of the church and can be accomplished by:

• Churches must also encourage medical professionals to stand against the destruction of life through abortion and euthanasia and support them publicly when they risk their careers to protect life.