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j0409656Change comes with new life.

Change sometimes disrupts our lives.

Even welcome change, like the birth of a baby, can throw our lives into chaos for a time. Surely the lives of those in the path of Hurricane Sandy have been changed in devastating ways. It will take a long time for families displaced from their homes to find 'normal' again.You may have noticed that PPL did not post a newsletter in October. There is a reason for that. The Bowen Family was busy moving. Oh! No, we did not change our residence. Instead, we moved the PPL Office. We have moved (from a 950 square foot 6-room office space) into the Bowen home. Most of the office remains in our garage while we strive to make space in our home for the furniture, technology, and files necessary to carry on the work of PPL.

You may have seen flyers from PPL announcing the sale of office furniture and books—all part of the effort to reduce the accumulation of nearly 40 years of ministry to fit an 18'x15' room. You might have some questions. Why move? Why not do it more slowly and have the space prepared before the move? Why load the truck and move the boxes ourselves rather than hiring a moving company? The answer to all those questions is that PPL is making needed changes in order to reduce overhead and make our operations more efficient, sustainable, and responsive. Moving to a home office enables PPL to apply more funds from our lean budget to programmatic goals

You may have another question. Why am I willing to accept this change? I answer that question in another article Heart to Heart  on our website.

New life is a good change.

My new grandchild has brought change and a little chaos into his parent's lives, but the joy of his birth far outweighs the difficulties of the transition to parenthood for my son and his wife. He has been cherished by his family from the moment we knew of his existence. The changes at PPL are perhaps less welcome. A home office means less room for our family's use, but I am no less convinced that God is in the midst of PPL and working to create new life that we wait eagerly to see.

At its October meeting in Glenmoore, PA, The PPL Board of Directors affirmed two goals:

I. To Call the Presbyterian & Reformed family of churches to uphold the sacred value of human life from fertilization to natural death and to reflect Biblical teaching on life and family in their theology, polity, and practice.

II. To Equip the Presbyterian & Reformed family of churches to encourage faithful discipleship and a biblical worldview regarding the family and the nurture, care, and protection of every innocent human life.

These are pastoral and prophetic goals which Presbyterans Pro-Life with its rich history and store of resources is uniquely qualified to accomplish. These goals resonate with the call of God in my life and the particular set of skills and abilities he has fostered throughout my life.

PPL has set a modest budget of $80,000 for 2013. Our goal is to raise $100,000 and put $20,000 into reserve. $80,000 will be used to cover salary, operations, travel, and all programmatic initiatives. It is a substantial amount of money and we need your ongoing commitment to support us financially.

Primary among programmatic efforts will be the preparation of online materials to equip pastors and churches. It is work that requires full time attention to the message and to its distribution to leaders in Presbyterian and Reformed congregations. The PPL Board does not believe that work can be accomplished without a fulltime Executive Director. That is why 65% percent of PPL's projected 2013 budget is allocated to salary and benefits.

Let me share my whole heart in a very vulnerable way.

I want to continue serving as the Executive Director of PPL, but I cannot serve in this position without a salary. Our family lives simply, but we cannot pay our bills on one salary. Here is my question for you. Will you support me, Marie Bowen, as an evangelist carrying the message of God's incredible love for human life from the womb to natural death and beyond?

Please pray about your answer to that question and ask God what part you might share in enabling new life in PPL's work in the year ahead. You can make a donation online anytime by clicking the contribute button on our home page.

If you would like information about our budget and our resources, a visit to your mission committee, or a speaker for an event, don't hesitate to call. I would be delighted for the opportunity to share with you my passion and my heart and the rich history and message of PPL.