"We were privileged to love her" Print

 Y'all, I don't ordinarily post here, but I want to give witness by sharing a pastoral experience last week. I was called over to the hospital to meet a couple from church whose 7-month-gestation baby had died in the womb probably two days before. The doctor had just begun the process of inducing labor, which was expected to take maybe 12 more hours to complete. Since she was going to be lying there thinking about what was happening for so long, I felt led to be a bit more "directive" than I might otherwise, and shared with her "where God was." I told her that God had had her daughter Emma in his hands the whole time; she was known by him and loved from the moment of her conception, and nothing that had happened to her in the last 48 hours was separate from God's great love for her.

I also told the mom that SHE too had been held in God's arms whether she was aware or not, and that this unexpected event was not something that could separate her from God's love for her either. So I visited with and prayed for the couple, and invited them to call me back to the hospital anytime they felt they needed me. Only twenty minutes after I left them, I got the call. The baby had been delivered almost as soon as I had departed (which I took as a great mercy from God); they held their daughter for over an hour, noticing how perfectly she was formed, how much she looked like her sister. Lots of grandparently tears, many prayers in a circle, a loving and believing nurse to help explain things.

And as I left some time later, I couldn't help but think this little 2lb10oz baby could just as well have been aborted without consequence in our state; and felt instead that we all together had experienced a sacred hour.

Checking back a week later, the couple are doing well and took great comfort and courage from the words the Lord led me to share with them, for which I am very grateful. And I am super impressed with the fierceness of dad Mark who told me, "Please let the church family know that we gave birth to a daughter, that she is and we are in God's hands, and that we were privileged to love her."