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Revised Top 10#1 — Assemble a care team in your church that is trained and ready to mobilize when a woman is pregnant and needs assistance.

Identify a phone contact and publish the number on the bulletin board, in the church’s newsletter, and the Sunday bulletin. The contact person will mobilize those who will provide care as needed. Research what doctors are pro-life and will provide free or discounted care, adoption agencies, lawyers who will do adoptions pro bono, area welfare services, pregnancy centers, pre-natal care and classes, etc. The team should be committed to doing whatever is necessary to connect the woman with area services and provide whatever is needed before and after birth.

#2 — Take steps to provide opportunities for ministry to women and men who have experienced abortion and its aftermath.

At least once each year, or as needed, offer an abortion recovery Bible study and hold a memorial service for pregnancy loss. Publish a phone number for abortion recovery counseling.

#3 — Plan an event at your church focused on adoption.

Invite a speaker from a local adoption agency to inform your congregation and encourage your church to view adoption as a ministry opportunity.

#4 — Make a list of pregnancy helps and resources in your area for your pastor.

Create a handy one page laminated sheet of pro-life resources to use when counseling.

#5 — Organize support for your local pregnancy or alternatives to abortion center.

Call to learn the needs (baby items, diapers, volunteers), organize a baby bottle campaign to collect funds, place a crib in the church foyer for a month and collect donations for local CPC, or host a baby shower in your home and invite the director of a local pregnancy center to open gifts and talk about the work of the center.

#6 — Offer to provide a bulletin insert for SOHLS Sunday and do a “minute for mission.”

Other ideas: Show “Horton Hears a Who” to young children in your church school and talk about how God sees and hears us no matter how small we are—even before we are born

Do a children’s sermon on “little feet, big feet”. Hand out precious feet and ask, “Whose feet are this tiny?”

Display fetal models in a crib in the foyer and encourage children to hold them. Tell them that God saw them and loved them when they were just that tiny. Hand out brochures on pre-natal development to the adults.

#7 — Do a bulletin board or hallway photo project for your church and include ultrasound photos of unborn babies in the congregation.

#8 — Do a display in the library, fellowship hall or entry of your church with pro-life brochures, educational resources, great books, and fetal models.

#9 — Supply your church librarian with a list of your top 10 pro-life books. Offer to do a short book review in the church newsletter. Give a copy of a pro-life book to your pastor every few months or so.

#10 — Volunteer to teach or host a Bible study on the value and dignity of human life.

PPL has a DVD curriculum that is user friendly—Created, Loved, & Called. We also have a new book, Pregnant With Promise, that focuses on the character of God as revealed through the Bible’s pregnancy stories.



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