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Ways to Promote the Defense of Innocent Human Life in Your Congregation with Resources from Presbyterians Pro-Life

  1. Encourage your pastor to preach on abortion. We have a book of sermons that are examples that approach the subject of abortion spiritually and morally rather than politically. It's called Fearfully and Wonderfully Made. It is currently out of print and available only under the Ministry Equipping portion of our website.

  2. Offer a Sunday morning class on issues of life. PPL has a variety of materials under Educational Resources to help you do that, including information about what the Christian Church historically has taught about life.

  3. Ask your session to send an overture to General Assembly on an issue of life. PPL can give you assistance and resources on an overture.

  4. PCUSA Members might want to ask your session to write a resolution requesting "relief of conscience" from the mandatory medical benefits' plan abortion coverage. Without the "relief of conscience" provision your tithes and offerings to your church are used to pay the dues that provide the coverage for unrestricted abortion coverage. The "relief of conscience" provision diverts your dues to benefits for adopted children. PPL can provide a sample resolution and information on the process.

  5. Find out what services and ministries exist in your area to provide alternatives to abortion for women in crisis pregnancies. Be sure your pastor(s) and the other pastors in your presbytery have a list of those resources. PPL has a suggested guide for preparing such a list that I'll be happy to send you.

  6. Promote adoption as an alternative to abortion. PPL has a packet to help your church do that. It is called God Gives Us Life Through Adoption.

  7. Guide the youth of your church into decisions of sexual purity. PPL has a resource packet to help called Pure Hearts! Pure Lives!

  8. Offer ministry to members of your congregation who have been affected by abortion decisions. They need to know that God's forgiveness and restoration apply to the sin of abortion just as it does to every other sin. PPL has resources to help you develop this ministry in your church, including a workshop by one of our board members who has many years of experience in counseling men and women who have made abortion decisions.

  9. Pray for the ministry of Presbyterians Pro-Life as we educate, equip, and engage leaders and members in the Presbyterian and Reformed family of churches. We have a quarterly prayer calendar to guide you in those prayers.

  10. Finally, in a culture that regards abortion as an acceptable decision and advocates for unrestricted abortion rights, PPL perseveres in bringing a message of life and hope, and provides life-affirming resources, based on Scripture and the confessions of the church, to local congregations. We need your support and hope that you will pray for our work and give financial support to our ministry. We thank God for Presbyterians who uphold the biblical teaching on life!

May God look with favor on your efforts to defend the fatherless.

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