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Written by Rev. Lowell Avery   

ben-white-128608-unsplash prayer 2Have you noticed this?

We Presbyterians are very mindful of trying to pray humbly and in keeping with God's will. But do you realize that boldness in prayer is an important part of humbly doing God's will? The humble Christian is committed to listening to the Holy Spirit speak through the Scriptures, and then following where the Spirit leads. In Ephesians 3.11f, the Spirit says that through faith in Christ Jesus our Lord we have boldness and confident access to God.

So how do we get bold?

One of the ways to pray with boldness is to go beyond generalities and to start asking God to do specific things. For instance, as I write this, for the past several days we have been praying "for God to move by His Spirit to call women and men who are grounded in God's word and skilled as leaders to mentor those he is equipping for PPL's life team ministry."

Specific, bold prayers for congregational leaders

If you want to get bold, start praying for the solid Presbyterian congregational leaders you know or know of by name. The ones you know:

• Ask them what they think would have to happen in their church for such a ministry to be developed, and then start praying for those specific things;
• Ask God to stir within them a holy discontent with the status quo in their churches;
• Ask them who in the church might have a heart for such a ministry and start praying for God to move in them;
• Ask them what obstacles would have to be overcome; (Much of what they tell you will be true of other churches as well.)
• Then ask God to stir within them not only the desire but also the resolve to become God's voice and hands and feet in this work of developing disciples who protect innocent human lives under attack;
• Ask God to help them see that some of the people the church helps can become part of God's eternal family;
• Ask God to set them free from fear of the world and the worldliness in their churches.
• Ask God to give them wisdom, patience, and gentle resolve as they preach and teach and lead regarding this crucial matter.
• Ask the Holy Spirit to give you opportunities to encourage such folk toward developing some kind of life team.

Remember to say Thank You!

Then when God starts answering your specific prayers, give thanks to Him and tell others how gracious God has been. That will encourage even more boldness. And I'm sure Marie Bowen would love to hear your testimonies.

Grace, Peace, and Love,
Lowell Avery
Pastor and PPL Board Member

Life Support Prayer Calendar, May - August, 2018



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