What Do Local Chapters of Presbyterians Pro-Life Do? PDF Print E-mail

Local chapters are key to stimulating the growth of the pro-life voice in the life of the Reformed and Presbyterian family of churches because chapters:

  • Equip and inform local Reformed and Presbyterian Christians about abortion and other life issues through study groups and workshops
  • Sponsor meetings to educate and help build the pro-life constituency in our denomination
  • Encourage Reformed and Presbyterian Christians to support and become involved in ministries that provide alternatives to abortion,
  • Encourage Reformed and Presbyterian Christians to provide abortion recovery ministry for women and men who regret their abortion decisions;
  • Assist churches in developing Resource Centers for Alternatives to Abortion and provide ongoing support to those centers
  • Encourage local churches to publicly state a pro-life position on abortion
  • Develop initiatives for change in "pro-choice" policy on abortion in some denominations
  • Support pro-life policy in some denominations
  • Assist denominations with study materials and curricula to strengthen the pro-life message among their congregations
  • Support and encourage biblical sexuality, particularly in instructional materials for children and youth
  • Provide materials and a pro-life witness at presbytery meetings
  • Support PPL's presence at national denominational assemblies with financial contributions and local chapter representatives on the team
  • Provide fellowship, warmth, and help in battle to those who would otherwise be isolated in their witness for life


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